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Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor in Paradise' week 2

Hello Bachelor Nation! Another two-night edition of Bachelor in Paradise has come to a close, and I think Paradise is really starting to feel like Paradise again: Couples are forming and people are trying to break them up, new arrivals are coming in and changing the dynamic, and unexpected moments are giving us all something to talk about all week long.

Our live studio edition was really a lot of fun, but also we finally got to have our first real sit-down with Demario since the shutdown took place. These studio sessions are so great because we get to take some time midseason to take a deeper look at what went on in Paradise. Before we get to the meat of it, let’s take a second and talk about some of the romantic developments happening in Sayulita.

The new arrivals are quickly making waves. The first arrival, Danielle L., raised a lot of eyebrows on Nick’s season. It was never quite clear why the other girls had a problem with her, and some supposed that it was jealousy. I think that theory has a bit of merit because it was easy to see that as soon as D-Lo (as she is affectionately known), all the other women were a little nervous. And for good reason, as all the men were talking about how attractive they found her.

Dean was chief among the men who found D-Lo intriguing, and she asked him on a date even though she was aware he had previously been out with Kristina. Kristina and Dean have gone back and forth a lot already and taken many steps forward and back. I can’t really blame either of them at this point, since it feels like they are trying to communicate, but to be honest, it feels like they’re clearly not on the same page.  I have a feeling this is not the end of the Kristina/Dean/ D-Lo story, and I’m worried that the lack of real communication between them could cause more than one heart to end up broken.

Lacey has had a rough go of it and all of our hearts went out to her when her grandfather passed away right as we began filming, but we were all very happy to have her back. And things finally started looking up for her as she found a real connection with Diggy on one of my new favorite kind of dates: a Jorge’s Tourge! (I honestly have no idea how it’s spelled but I think that’s right.) I am pretty happy to announce that Jorge will continue to be a part of Bachelor Nation. He’s not going anywhere. And Wells — well, we have a lot to talk about. But let’s finish with Lacey. Things finally took a turn in the right direction for Lacey until Dominique came down those stairs. It was a pretty quick turnaround for Diggy from his day date with Lacey to his night date with Dom. Right now Diggy is in the middle of a love triangle and there is no easy way out of it. That’s not the only triangle forming, as now Sarah has arrived and driven her way between Raven and Adam. All of this will be resolved next week. Until it isn’t again, I suppose. That’s the way the Paradise cookie crumbles.

Photo: ABC

Wells has a lot of explaining to do. He was not supposed to date in Paradise and I guess technically he didn’t, but quite frankly the two of us are going to have a man-to-man chat after his farewell kiss with Danielle M. I guess we didn’t know that we had our very own Jim and Pam on our hands, and now that Danielle has returned from Kenya, I’m curious to see if anything has evolved from there. But he’s still in big trouble with me.

Things continued to get bizarre with Evan and Carly, who announced their pregnancy and even gave us the privilege of watching a real ultrasound right on stage with our studio audience. Since that day, Carly and Evan announced that they have a girl on the way, and we are so excited to welcome the little Bass into the Bachelor family.

Finally, I want to thank DeMario for coming to the studio and speaking so candidly with me. What he’s been through is not something we would wish on anyone, and the fact that he has come out of it with so many new friends is just a testament to how strong the bonds of this whole experience are. I am so sorry for all he and Corinne have been through, and next week we will get to hear everything she has to say about her time since she left the show. I feel like we have come a very long way from the sadness and fear that surrounded the shutdown, and once again I want to thank the Bachelor fans for all of the support they have given us. Next week we’ll be back with maybe the craziest episode of Paradise yet. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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