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Chris Pratt and His Son Are the Cutest Fishing Buddies Around

Fishing isn’t for everyone, but Chris Pratt and his son are two cute anglers.

The Jurassic World star, 38, often documents his fishing trips on Instagram, but the dead fish in his hands never seemed adorable until little Jack, his 4-year-old son with Anna Faris, came on the scene. The mischievous little one, who was sans glasses for the hook and reel trip, was hiding out under a camo hat showing off his catch, which — while we didn’t measure with a ruler — looks bigger than his dad’s.

“Me and Jack had such an awesome time fishing at @kualoaranch with John, Casie, @jasonmorgan and company,” wrote the actor, name-checking the ranch, which is located in Kaneohe, Hawaii. “We love making new friends and are so extremely grateful for the experience. Mahalo to the Morgan Ohana for showering us with the aloha spirit. This ‘Jack Fish’ or Papio might even be an ‘Ulua’ which is what you call a trevally over 10 lbs. (We didn’t weight it.) I think the above information is mostly accurate though likely spelled wrong. All I know is this fish fought like hell and tasted amazing!!!”

Chris also said he was impressed by his little fisherman.

“Not sure what made me more proud: when Jack insisted on holding this barracuda himself, or when he tried it raw! (Barracuda sashimi is amazing by the way),” he wrote. “Four year olds will try anything! Get out and fish! No better way to share God’s bounty with your babies and make life long memories than fishing! Get out on the water! #fishing #fishingislife.”

Last year, Pratt talked the making of Magnificent Seven at a SiriusXM Town Hall panel, and said that he loved being in Louisiana filming, in large part because of the fishing.

“The final battle sequence in Rose Creek, this set that they built, it was on this big chunk of private land and there were a couple of ponds on there and they were stocked with bass,” the star said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “So I was loving it when the rain would come and they had to shut down production. Everyone is like, ‘God dang it.” I’m like, ‘I’m going fishing!’ I must have fished 100, 200 hours on this movie.”

However, one photo that he posted on Instagram got him in trouble. Apparently he showed off one of his catches and the owner of the farm — and pond — saw it. She demanded that Pratt and the rest of the cast and crew stop fishing.

“She was mad, she was like pretty furious,” Pratt said with a laugh. “And she should be. They were really nice fish and I caught all of them.”

Let’s hope that there is no drama in the posting of these new Instagram photos. They are too cute to ever be taken down.

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