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Chrissy Teigen Accused Her Family Of Stealing Pints Of Her Ice Cream And It’s Relatable As Hell

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Staff/Instagram/Chrissy Teigen - Getty Images

From Delish

If you live with other human beings, you know that pretty much no food is safe. Unless it's under literal lock and key, if it's delicious, someone is going to eat it. Chrissy Teigen learned that the hard way when she accused her family of stealing pints of ice cream made especially for her. The horror!

Chrissy tweeted a photo of her "Rice Chrissy" ice cream from Salt & Straw. She explained in the tweet that she was trying to ration it out after being sent just one pint and that she had a small bit left for the rest of her family to try.

Well, Salt & Straw saw the tweet and was a little confused...because they had sent Chrissy five pints, not one. I mean, come on, who would send just one pint? That would be cruel!

"Couldn’t agree more—we love it, too! But you better shake down whoever delivered bc it sounds like they maybe enjoyed a couple of the pints. One pint only of Rice Chrissys? That’s not how we roll," they wrote.

Instead of accusing whoever delivered it, Chrissy was convinced her family lied to her about the number of pints, which makes sense IMO. If your delivery was going to be stolen, you'd take 'em all, but your family would probably let you have at least one.

"Oh my god you’re right there are more I think my family lied to me," she replied.

A ton of Chrissy's fans and followers were pretty invested in the story, especially because RICE KRISPIES ICE CREAM? That sounds amazing. Luckily, Salt & Straw posted an update later on their Twitter, confirming that the other pints of ice cream had been found. Phew! Let's all rest easy.

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