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Chrissy Teigen can't believe this library has a 'Lick Bucket'

A library in Oregon sets out Lick Buckets for any items that children make a mess. (Photo: HalpernAlex via Twitter)

It’s no secret that little kids can be a little messy. So this library is taking steps in case parents catch their youngsters dirtying the local book center. According to a photo tweeted out by Alex Halpern of Portland, Ore., the Oregon City Library has come up with a solution for any books that have fallen victim to mischievous children — the Lick Bucket.

“Uh oh. Did your kid lick something?” a sign on the bucket reads. “Put it in this LICK BUCKET and give it to a librarian on your way out.”

Halpern shared the photo, praising his local library for what he calls “A+ librarianing,” and many people seem to be in agreement. Responding to Halpern, the Oregon City Library replied, “Just couldn’t resist.” And with the familiarity being voiced by other librarians, it seems like children licking books is not so unusual.

Another interpretation of the sign, however, has left some asking whether the library is suggesting that parents forfeit the children who do the licking, rather than the items they might have contaminated. The hilarious thread has led to many entertaining questions.

Even model Chrissy Teigen, who’s currently pregnant with her second child, responded to the tweet, seemingly thankful for the heads-up, perhaps fearful that 1-year-old Luna might start licking soon.

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