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Chrissy Teigen offers a genius way to get rid of the Laurel and Yanny debate

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The internet is often divided on various issues, but it’s a rare occasion to see the web simultaneously meltdown over one specific topic. That’s exactly what happened yesterday in what history will call The Great Laurel/Yanny Debate of 2018 — or, maybe we’ll just call it that.

A Reddit user shared a short audio clip that quickly caused internet controversy after YouTuber Cloe Feldman asked the now-infamous question, “What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel” When the video played, some people heard “Laurel” while others clearly heard “Yanny.” As the post made the social media rounds, many were left dumbfounded by what they did or didn’t hear.

Celebs got in on the action too, including Ellen DeGeneres, who heard “Laurel.” But Chrissy Teigen, who initially joined the debate on Twitter, and even got her parents involved, quickly led the charge to end the internet madness. She’s over it!

Thousands of Twitter users agreed with the model: It’s time to go back to regular internet debates — royal wedding drama anyone?

We know Teigen meant well in removing the words from her social media feeds, but her actions also had unintended consequences for a few of her fans — specifically, her fans named “Laurel,” “Yanny,” and “Yanni.”

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