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Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna joins her onstage at POPSUGAR Play/Ground 2019

Jennifer Kline

Born for the spotlight!

Chrissy Teigen was joined by a special guest onstage at POPSUGAR's Play/Ground in New York: 3-year-old Luna, who she shares with husband John Legend.

Chrissy looked glamorous as ever in a draped lavender mini, but it was Luna who stole the show in an ivory dress and pigtails. Stage fright? Never heard of it.

"I knew John would be a good dad as soon as I met him," Chrissy said during her onstage conversation with hairstylist and friend Jen Atkin. "He's very warm and loving. I knew he'd be a great father to a daughter because he has so many female friends. He has so much respect for women, and he treats them as equals."

The mom-daughter duo also spent some time on the Play/Ground cloud-shaped swings. The two-day event focused on health, empowerment and creativity, and while the workout sessions were perhaps too intense for someone Luna's age, the swings were certainly a good fit.

Also stopping by were a collection of other stars, including Amanda Seyfried and Milo Ventimiglia, who got to play onstage with adoptable puppies at the Samsung Galaxy Soul Space, as well as Alison Brie, "Riverdale" actress Camila Mendes, "Insecure"'s Issa Rae, and "This Is Us" star Mandy Moore.