Christmas Driving Tips That Will Help You Stay Safe

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 24, 2019 / Official statistics show that drivers are 22% more likely to be involved in a car collision around Christmas. Numerous cars on the roads and flashy billboards that can cause distracted driving are the main reasons for this alarming increase in accident numbers. Drivers who plan to be on the roads around Christmas should follow the next safety tips.

Keep a decent distance from the ahead vehicle. Avoiding tailgating is extremely important and drivers should usually keep 3-4 seconds distance from the car ahead. During winter drivers should add extra space since weather conditions would make the car stop slower, especially on roads covered with ice. Keep this in mind when approaching a parking lot near a hypermarket/mall

Make sure that the driving style is adequate for the weather conditions. Speed limits are based on perfect road conditions. In winter driving conditions, going 65 mph on the highway may be too risky. A lower speed is recommended. Also, do not be stressed by a driver behind you who is tailgating or flashing his lights. Think about your safety first. If necessary, pull to the side of the road to let the driver pass.

Pay extra attention to cars entering or leaving parking lots. Parking lots are more dangerous than one may think. This time of the year malls and hypermarkets are really crowded by numerous shoppers who look for the perfect gift. And not all of them are good drivers. Some of them may even be distracted by all sorts of billboards and TV screens. It is best to take defensive measures when entering/leaving a parking lot and scan the surrounding traffic.

Avoid using cruise control. Deactivate cruise control when driving on a road covered with ice or snow. If the vehicle loses traction on a patch of ice, cruise control will accelerate to try to maintain speed. In many cases, the driver will lose control and the car will collide with another vehicle or a structure.

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