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Asus Chromebook Flip C100

This compact Chromebook is a super-handy size: Dad will haul it everywhere. It will also keep his inner tech-curmudgeon cursing at bay, by being speedy and responsive. And if he wishes it were a tablet, he can flip the keyboard around and make it so, using the touchscreen instead of keys. It has an HDMI port, USB ports, and Bluetooth 4.1, so he can connect his headset. The charger is tiny (and microUSB), so hauling it isn’t a problem. And it gets nine hours of battery life. Mom will be jealous. (Asus, $203)

Christmas Gift Guide: The Perfect Tech Gifts for Dad

Why is it that fathers are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for? Do they want for nothing? Are the things they want so unspeakable they can’t be named? Or are they just so out of touch with their own inchoate longings that they’re incapable of articulating their own desires?

Oh, stop overthinking it! Christmas shopping for Dad is actually pretty easy. Men want tech, just like the rest of us. So I rounded up a few bits of tech gear that I know will be a hit with anyone who opens a package. The father(s) in your life will be no exception.