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Christmas and Hanukkah gifts 2017 for the cool mom in your life, inspired by 'Big Little Lies'

Jennifer Kline

Believe it or not, it's no "Big Little Lie" -- the holiday season is already upon us!

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, and even more so for the most important lady in everyone's life: Mom! So for inspiration, we turned to 2017's coolest collection of moms. HBO's breakout show of the year featured five women with impeccable style (well, four -- no offense, Shailene Woodley, but your character mostly just wore sweats).

Whether you're shopping for your mother, or you're a mom gifting your own friends, this guide is for those California-cool women who balance busy lives with a bit of flair.

And of course, for those willing to drop more cash, a trip to the Monterrey coast is certainly a nice gift option.

Looking for something a bit more risqué? Husbands and best friends may want to take a look at our more intimate pajamas and lingerie gift guide in the gallery below: