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Chromotif Announces Nebeula, The First Multi-Hybrid Cloud Desktop And Application Delivery Platform-as-a-Service

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Chromotif today announced the availability of Nebeula, an elastic multi/hybrid cloud Platform-as-a-Service for application and desktop delivery, on Google Cloud Launcher. Nebeula delivers Windows and Linux desktops and applications securely to user devices, including Chromebooks, tablets and PCs, from any public cloud or on-premises infrastructure, in less than 5 minutes. Nebeula currently supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Many small- and medium-sized businesses have adopted Chromotif Nebeula as their platform of choice for cloud-based application delivery.

Liquid Pictures, a leader in 3D graphics and animation, has selected Chromotif Nebeula to improve its efficiency, scalability and security. The company's primary use software tools include Autodesk, Adobe products, and Microsoft Office. The company has traditionally used an on-premises data center to build their 3D render farm, and occasionally uses a third-party outsourced vendor for larger projects that need to be completed in a short time-frame. Nebeula not only simplifies the manner in which Liquid Pictures delivers desktops and applications to its employees for greater productivity and mobility, but also allows the company to instantly scale its compute needs on demand.

Zac Rymland, Liquid Pictures' CEO says, "Chromotif Nebeula is a tremendous value for our company. It allowed our IT to standardize the desktops and applications that our employees can access remotely. The low-cost, subscription model is very compelling. In the future, when our current data center servers become obsolete and we become more accustomed to running workloads in AWS, GCP or Azure, we might consider moving everything to the cloud, using Nebeula."

"Using Nebeula, customers will never have to worry about the infrastructure," explains Jonathan Arms, Chromotif's Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. "The simplicity of Nebeula saves businesses money by allowing IT to focus on business productivity vs. spending time and resources on traditional data center and device management. We have experienced tremendous growth in customer pilots running Chromotif Nebeula over the last few months and are on track to exceed 100 new enterprise pilots by the end of the year."

Organizations that use or are considering Google Chrome Enterprise and G Suite, will find Nebeula particularly attractive. Industry expert, Gabe Knuth, Site Editor for BrianMadden.com, says, "Chromotif is tied to Google, leveraging Chrome Remote Desktop as their RDS framework-compliant protocol, Chrome as the client, and Google Cloud Platform for their management infrastructure. It also fully integrates with G Suite, which you can even use for authentication." Nebeula also boasts powerful enterprise class features like support for Active Directory authentication, fully encrypted sessions via AES, and optimized audio-video delivery.

Chromotif is recognized as one of the 20 most promising cloud solution providers for 2017 by the prestigious CIOReview magazine. "We are glad to announce Chromotif in our annual ranking list of 20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers 2017," said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. "This recognition will bring more opportunities to Chromotif and positive attention from several customers."

Pricing and Availability
Chromotif is offering 90-day free access pilots. Customers must provide their own infrastructure and OS licenses. Regular pricing starts as low as $0.10/hour/user or unlimited for $10/month/user.

More about Liquid Pictures
Liquid Pictures combines the creative and analytic skills of a team of talented professionals with backgrounds across architecture, mathematics, communications, art, design and more. Founded in 1993 to develop high-end cinematics for multimedia games, the firm has expanded to visual simulations and litigation animation, technical photography, videography, and desktop publishing services. For more information about Liquid Pictures, visit www.liquidpictures.com.

More about Chromotif
Chromotif is a Santa Clara, California-based software corporation that markets the only fully- integrated, simple and affordable, enterprise application virtualization and shared desktop delivery platform for Google Cloud, and other public cloud platforms. For more information about Chromotif, visit www.chromotif.com.


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