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CHRON Announces Marketing Agreement with Major International Direct Selling Organization, Viridian

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - May 31, 2017) -  The Chron Organization, Inc. ( OTC : CHRO ) announced today that it has entered into a strategic marketing agreement with nationally renowned direct selling organization, Viridian International Management (Viridian) for medium to large commercial services. As a result of the agreement, Chron and Viridian will officially launch a joint commercial energy program Monday, June 5, 2017, targeting mid to large size commercial, industrial and municipal end-use customers of electricity and/or natural gas.

The agreement combines Viridian's unique marketing approach, with newly acquired CHRON subsidiary, NAUP Brokerage LLC's (NAUP) experience, technology, and knowledge of the energy markets, to create a sales approach and infrastructure ready for full operation in all U.S. deregulated energy markets. This new commercial energy program promises to expand CHRON's reach nationally with long-term, high value clientele.

Powered by NAUP, the new Viridian Large Commercial Energy Program empowers the tens of thousands of Viridian independent sales associates to immediately begin taking advantage of expanded commercial energy offerings in all deregulated markets. Through this partnership, Viridian independent sales associates can expand their customer portfolios and take full advantage of the freedom of choice in the deregulated energy industry through broadened access to a diverse mix of energy suppliers. The two companies also plan on deploying innovative energy efficiency options to commercial customers through Chron's subsidiary Zen and its Zero Cost Program by the end of 2017. This expansion will enable Viridian sales associates to expand outside the deregulated energy footprint and offer energy conservation products such as LED lighting, HVAC solutions, weatherization, load factor correction, EC motor controllers and more to commercial, industrial and municipal customers across the continental United States.

"Viridian is always looking for valuable ways to help consumers and businesses make simple choices more affordably and more sustainably -- and at the same time, ways we can empower our associates to build vibrant and growing businesses powered by purpose," said Cami Boehme, Viridian Chief Operating Officer. "Energy is a commodity every business uses, and through deregulation business owners can choose service providers that offer value and innovation. Our strategic partnership with NAUP is exciting because it gives our associates all the resources they need to expand their own Viridian organizations and bring responsible, affordable energy to even more large commercial customers across the U.S. We look forward to working side by side with NAUP to increase our customer base, enhance our Associate's opportunity and increase our collective impact."

CHRON CEO, Alex Rodriguez, said, "Our multiple supplier strategy enables us to better address our customers' various needs and also, the interest of Viridian sales associates. I believe that the majority of businesses consider energy costs one of their top three expenditures, spending thousands of dollars monthly on utility bills alone. That is what makes the Viridian opportunity incredibly powerful. With NAUP's exceptional brain trust, pedigree, experience, and professional support from the entire CHRON team, Viridian will help businesses maximize energy savings through smarter and more responsible energy procurement."

NAUP has implemented a proprietary process that leverages many years of energy experience with innovative technology. NAUP has transformed the often-complicated process of sourcing commercial energy into a simple, compliant, non-intrusive, and effective experience for Viridian associates, energy suppliers, and most importantly, end-use customers. The Viridian Large Commercial Energy Program today consists of electricity and/or natural gas in deregulated markets, but will soon include energy efficiency products in all 48 continental states.

Through a special training requirement administered by Viridian, eligible associates become Energy Certified to participate in its energy programs. In addition to this certification, NAUP supports the Viridian associates with ongoing energy training focused on industry expertise and best practices.

Energy is deregulated on a state-by-state basis; electricity is deregulated in 24 states while natural gas is fully deregulated in 19 states and partially in five more. Viridian associates can initially market large commercial energy in the following states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia. NAUP is focused on opening more markets and expanding this reach over time, increasing the customer portfolio and creating more opportunities for Viridian sales associates to increase their earnings for many years to come.

"Through this relationship and the powerful vehicle of face-to-face marketing, we have the opportunity to expand our joint message of sustainability and affordability, paired with value-added services, to thousands of businesses across the country," Rodriguez said. "For NAUP, for Viridian, and for Viridian Associates, this is an exciting time and a powerful opportunity to expand our customer portfolio and our collective impact with innovative, long-term services."

The Chron Organization, Inc. ( OTC : CHRO ), is an entrepreneurial-minded company founded and envisioned by Mr. Byron Young and Mr. Alex Rodriguez. The Company's purpose is to develop a portfolio of highly successful and unique wholly owned businesses by providing incubation, advisory and capital services to the same. CHRON's interests include the smart home services, Internet of Things (IOT) platforms, deregulated energy & energy efficiency offerings. To learn more about CHRON, visit the company's corporate website at www.chronorganization.com.

Viridian was founded in 2009 with one simple, revolutionary idea: Make green energy affordable. Though it seems obvious, it wasn't back then, and it took the energy industry by storm. Leading with a team of tireless advocates for better customer choice, Viridian offers every independent Associate the chance to do well by doing good. This socially responsible company connects with consumers through a vibrant network of independent associates, enabling each Viridian customer to be part of a significant, positive environmental impact. Viridian offers responsible product solutions to residential and commercial customers across the U.S. and Australia and is committed to global expansion. Learn more at www.viridian.com

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