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Chrysler not done with GM, Apple's new ad blocker and Disney stays quiet

U.S. stocks (^DJI, ^GSPC, ^IXIC) are rounding out the month of August lower, but not violently so. As another jobs report looms and a key Fed meeting is on the horizon, what will investors do next and how should you position yourself? Check out the video above!

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Plus, here are some of the other stories Yahoo Finance is keeping an eye on today.

Chrysler / GM deal: Not dead yet
General Motors (GM) had all but shot down a merger offer from Chrysler (FCAU) earlier this year, but that company's CEO Sergio Marchionne is not going down without a fight. In an interview with Automotive News published over the weekend Marchionnes said of a potential merger, "We're not talking about marginal improvement in margins, we're talking about cataclysmic changes in performance, just huge...It would be unconscionable not to force a partner."

Apple's new ad blocker
Apple (AAPL) is stirring up tension with some of its Silicon Valley neighbors. The next update to Apple's mobile operating system will make it easier to block ads on iPhones and iPads, and that isn't sitting well with some tech firms and publishers.

Disney stays quiet in Times Square debate
New York Police want to evict Minnie Mouse from Times Square, and they're looking to Disney (DIS) for help. Times Square has become a popular spot for  costumed characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Spiderman, who get their pictures taken with tourists for tips. The NYPD wants to remove these and asked Disney to crack down on the host of people dressed as Mickey Mouse and Spiderman in Times Square. So far Disney has stayed quiet.