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CipherLoc Releases Government Supported White Paper Detailing Innovative Approach to Cryptographic Encryption

Validates CipherLoc's Polymorphic Approach Using PUFTechnologies

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2018 / CipherLoc Corporation (CLOK), a leading provider of highly-secure data protection technology, today announced the availability of a new white paper, "Keys with Variable Length and CipherLoc Encryption." The paper, completed as part of an analysis of CipherLoc's technology by a U.S. government customer, demonstrates an innovative approach for cryptographic encryption. This approach utilizes a simulated secured Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) crypto table to encrypt and decrypt files. Doing so provides a method enabling public and private key exchanges while leveraging the power of polymorphic encryption to provide a highly secured solution.

This paper, done on behalf of the Information Directorate of the Air Force Research Labs as part of its evaluation of CipherLoc's technology, describes a different, more secure way to generate mission critical encryption keys to better protect information and data. CipherLoc is gaining rapid attention from both government and commercial customers because current encryption methodologies for protecting information have been widely in use for many years, with now well documented deficiencies. CipherLoc's polymorphic technology resists the tools designed to exploit the deficiencies of current encryption protocols, while offering lower latency and enhanced security.

"CipherLoc continues to innovate in the field of polymorphic encryption, giving us a leading position in the next generation of encryption technologies," said Michael DeLaGarza, CEO and President of CipherLoc Corporation. "This is another application of our technology with unique and compelling advantages as we move forward on key contracts already announced, as well as a rapidly growing sales funnel of inquiries from both government and commercial customers seeking the unique benefits of our technology. We look forward to ramping our revenue activity over the coming quarters as we begin initial deployments and launch additional platforms that leverage unique aspects of our technology."

For this paper, CipherLoc Corporation teamed with government-sponsored researchers from Northern Arizona University to combine CipherLoc's Polymorphic Encryption Engine with the PUF function to generate encryption keys in a completely new manner.

"Instead of generating encryption keys using dated algorithms, we derive stronger encryption keys from the physical characteristics of the devices themselves. The white paper demonstrates that it is virtually improbable for hackers or even quantum computers to break or identify these types of encryption keys, thus rendering the protected information much safer than older encryption technologies," said DeLaGarza.

The introduction of PUF technology allows for a large number of random keys to be generated, keys which are unique to each communicating unit, making it possible to define keys that are only valid on that particular machine. This facilitates ensuring that keys are only available to authorized parties, and keys can be limited to a single message or data transfer, further increasing security.

The white paper is available by those who have signed a non-disclosure agreement upon request at info@cipherloc.net or by contacting us via theCompany's website at www.cipherloc.net.

About CipherLoc Corporation:

CipherLoc Corporation is a data security solutions company whose vision is simple - Protect the World's Data. Our highly innovative solutions are based on our patented Polymorphic Cipher Engine, which is designed to enable an ironclad layer of protection to be added to existing products, services, or applications. We deliver solutions that are highly secure, synergistic, and scalable. In short, we keep information safe in today's highly dangerous world. For further information, please go to www.cipherloc.net.

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