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CipherLoc Releases Results of Cryptanalysis Technology Assessment

Report by Independent Third Party Highlights Superiority of Technology

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 29, 2016 / CipherLoc Corporation (CLOK), a leading supplier of high-value security solutions, today announced the results of an independent cryptanalysis technology assessment that highlights the strength of the company's advanced encryption methodology. The independent 3rd party assessment was performed by Decypher Technologies, a leading cyber security consulting firm based in San Antonio, Texas. The assessment attempted to find vulnerabilities in CipherLoc's patented data protection technology through a series of intensive tests that included frequency analysis, autocorrelation testing, statistical analysis, and brute force testing. The testing results showed that while it is impossible to say that any encryption methodology other than one time pads (OTP) is unbreakable, the CipherLoc technology was judged to be as close to unbreakable as had ever been seen.

With data breaches at an all-time high and the average cost of a breach exceeding $4M, the need for a data protection solution has never been greater. CipherLoc's unique technology is designed to provide an ironclad layer of protection that surpasses today's encryption-only approaches which already have some known weaknesses and which will be irreparably compromised when quantum computing becomes mainstream in the near-future. The comprehensive testing performed by Decypher, which validated the strength of the CipherLoc technology, was performed over a two-month period and involved trillions of attempts.

"It is very important for us to independently assess the strength of the CipherLoc technology by working with unaffiliated 3rd parties to validate our unique approach" said Michael DeLaGarza, President and CEO of CipherLoc. "While not unexpected, it was still gratifying to see the robustness of our technology even after trillions of attempts to break through. This report provides further reassurance to customers and partners wishing to begin migrating their existing solutions towards a more robust, secure, and future-proof technology."

The cryptanalysis performed by Decypher follows a previous independent assessment completed by CyberDin (Israel) in 2015. A report covering the Decypher cryptanalysis testing is available upon request at info@cipherloc.net or by contacting us via the Company's website at www.cipherloc.net.

About CipherLoc Corporation (CLOK)

CipherLoc Corporation is a data security solutions company whose vision is simple - Protect the World's Data. Our highly innovative solutions are based on our patented Polymorphic Cipher Engine which is designed to enable an ironclad layer of protection to be added to existing products, services, or applications. We deliver solutions that are highly secure, synergistic, and scalable. In short, we keep information safe in today's highly dangerous world. For further information, please go to www.cipherloc.net

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