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The Circadia System wants to help reset your internal clock for better sleep

Lulu Chang

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One of our most basic functions has never been quite so complex. But hey, your beauty rest is of the utmost importance and health tech company Circadia is doing everything it can to ensure that you stay beautiful. On Tuesday, Circadia launched what it calls the world’s first complete solution designed to adjust your internal body clock using light based on feedback from your sleep. Inspired by NASA, this technology is comprised of two devices — a contactless sleep tracker with an intelligent alarm and an adaptive light therapy lamp. The hope is that the combination of these two devices will help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed, hopefully improving both your mood and your energy levels.

While most of us spend the vast majority of our time inside, shielded from the elements, it also shields us from the natural circadian regulation that our ancestors derived from the sun. These rhythms are necessary for more than just sleep — indeed, research suggests that shifted or disrupted rhythms can affect our alertness and concentration during the day. Circadia System hopes to help by re-syncing your circadian rhythms to how nature intended them to be.

How does it do it? According to the Circadia team, its contactless sleep tracker collects data as you sleep, modeling your existing circadian rhythm. Then, this model is compared to what your rhythm ought to be, whereupon a personalized light therapy program is generated and implemented.

“What sets Circadia’s system apart from any other sleep technology product is that it is the first of its kind that integrates a contactless sleep tracker with a smart light therapy lamp to provide diagnostics and treatment in one complete closed feedback loop, enhanced by learning algorithms,” said Fares Siddiqui, CEO and co-founder at Circadia. “This system also provides actionable, personalized insights to improve sleep quality, boost mood and energy. The light therapy device also makes for the perfect travel companion when set to Jet Lag mode, which ensures those who travel frequently and to different time zones get a good night’s sleep by pre-adjusting their body clock.”

The Circadia team claims that you will be able to start seeing differences in your sleep and wakefulness energy somewhere between three and five days.

You can pre-order the Circadia System now via Kickstarter and devices are expected to start shipping early in 2018.