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All City Environmental Warns San Francisco Home Owners of Mold Dangers

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, Apr. 26, 2013 /MarketersMedia/ -- All City Environmental engages in San Francisco mold remediation year-round on the West Coast. They have seen all the possible conditions that can spark mold growth in a home. With a widespread mold problem from Hurricane Sandy now rearing its ugly head on the eastern seaboard, All City Mold Removal experts tell those on the West Coast not to relax precautions. It does not just take a hurricane to start toxic molds growing in a home.

Hundreds of residents on the East Coast are finding problems now with mold growing, due to the extreme water incursion and warmer temperatures. They face this tragedy on top of the still on-going repairs needed to get their homes back into a normal living condition. Many of the victims of Sandy live on a flood plain and know the hazards mold can present, as it is a periodic situation. However, mold problems aren’t only subjected to those living on flood plains.

The All City Environmental owner says, “Any amount of water seeping into a home’s structure is cause for concern. And this can happen anywhere. In any region in the country mold can become a problem for home owners.” The San Francisco Bay Area is no exception. The atmosphere is filled with moisture, fog is a regular occurrence, and the sea air blows through. Winds push rain through the cracks. Once the water gets into the wood in any part of a home, mold can settle. This is the ideal environment as far is mold is concerned – warm and damp.

The solution is a San Francisco mold inspection, done to determine if indeed a home has mold anywhere within its walls, ceilings or floors. Professional inspectors know just where to look. The spots to inspect may not be as obvious as water incursion from a hurricane, but they are there, in laundry rooms, low-level rooms surrounded by earth, humid bathrooms. They know where to look to see if mold has spread within the wooden structures of the building.

Part of the warning provided by All City Environmental is that the lifestyle of the occupants can also affect moisture in the home, creating mold growth. The amount of cooking, showering, and cooling that is done in the home can put excess moisture into the structural components. An inspection by the company includes advice on how to avoid giving mold a good growing environment. The suggestion of a mold inspection being done in San Francisco homes isn’t put forth casually. It is vital for the health of all residents.

About All City Environmental: All City Environmental in San Francisco, California has been providing the city and surrounding areas with help in eliminating mold problems in homes and businesses for more than ten years. All City has also been active with area agencies in providing communities with educational materials about the damage that mold can cause to home owners and their families.

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