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Clark County Court Uses New Technology from Tyler to Resolve Disputes Online


Tyler Technologies, Inc. (TYL) announced that the 8th Judicial District Court of Clark County, Nevada, has gone live with Tyler’s Modria® online dispute resolution (ODR) solution. The implementation of Modria adds a new tool for access to efficient and timely justice in divorce cases for Clark County citizens. This convenient new service means residents can attempt to resolve differences online, avoiding delays in scheduling, driving to and from court, time off from work, and making it easier for residents to interact with the court.

The 8th Judicial District Court Family Mediation Center handled 3,900 referrals for divorce mediation in 2017. Generally, mediation for divorce cases involving children is mandatory, requires the development of a parenting plan, may involve many trips to the courthouse, coordinating schedules between parties, and a significant involvement of staff resources. Tyler’s Modria ODR solution provides a new option for citizens and courts to help complete these requirements.

Today, citizens expect to interact with government the way they interact with many businesses, which is online. The cloud-based Modria solution is designed to empower the parties involved to reduce time to final decree by allowing parties to start the mediation process immediately and come to a resolution quickly.

Through this innovative approach, Clark County has adopted strategies that are successful in ecommerce and has applied them to the courts. In fact, the Modria platform was designed by those who developed the ODR platform for eBay and PayPal, which successfully use it to manage more than 60 million disputes each year online. ODR creates opportunity for resolution without having the parties physically come to the court; if parties can’t solve their dispute online, they still maintain the ability to appear before a judge.

“This pilot program with Tyler will help increase access to justice for all parties involved in mediation, empowering those in dispute to resolve cases in a timely, fair manner,” said Steve Grierson, chief executive officer for the 8th Judicial District Court of Clark County. “We’re thrilled to be using Modria as an extension of our existing mediation program to be able to better serve our community with these types of cases and increase efficiencies for our staff.”

“The implementation of Modria in Clark County will change the way it goes about mediations in the court, increasing productivity, and decreasing staff resources needed for certain cases,” said Jamie Gillespie, general manager for Tyler’s Modria solution. “We’re pleased to be able to offer the court an automated way to solve disputes in an efficient and impartial way.”

Modria offers all the functionality, workflows, and communication tools necessary to build any kind of resolution, from simple debt disputes to complex family and custody cases. Its intuitive user experience and workflow tools are designed to resolve issues in a fast and efficient manner, with a fair and transparent process for all participants. Momentum continues to build around using ODR as a solution to alleviate court backlogs and improve access to justice. The latest example is Fulton County in Atlanta, Georgia, which recently agreed to begin using Modria in its court.

Clark County is the most populous county in Nevada, accounting for nearly three-quarters of its residents, and includes the city of Las Vegas. Tyler provides its Brazos, Odyssey®, and SoftCode solutions to Clark County, and the state of Nevada also uses Tyler’s e-filing platform.

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