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Classified of the Week: 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR

Jeff Perez

This week’s Bold Ride classified is this gorgeous, $140K (negotiable) 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda.

About This Car
When the Plymouth Barracuda hit the market in 1964, it wasn’t met with the same acclaim as cars like the Mustang, Corvette and even Camaro. But it’s limited production run of only ten years (64-74), now pits it as a collectors piece fetching upwards of seven figures.

In 1970, the Cuda got a fresh new makeover and became part of the 1970 Trans-Am racing series under the AAR (All American Racers) moniker. Garnering minor success, Plymouth put into production a street version of the iconic racer complete with a 5.6-liter V8 and somewhere in the market of 290 horsepower.

Cuda 2

This handsome red Cuda has received a full restoration and could be yours if you’re willing to pay the price.

Want It?
To inquire about this ride, email us at editorial@boldride.com

Cuda 3

Cuda 4

Cuda 5

Cuda 6