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Classified of the Week: 1993 Acura NSX

George Kennedy

One of the great challenges in the classic car world is trying to find out what car is the next big thing. So, many original owners of Corvettes, Camaros and Chevelles lament ever selling their beauty, then seeing it cross the auction block decades later at record prices. Today we’re helping one of our readers sell their future classic, and it sure is a cherry.

The muscle cars are big now, but what is next? There are select cars from the 80’s that might fetch top dollar, but the next era that cars really became competent (not to mention finally became daily drivable) were the sportscars of the 90s. And one of the most prominent supercars of that era was the Acura NSX; the car credited with making exotics easy to drive.

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04-1993 Acura NSX

Developed with the help of the late Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, and with body lines by famed Italian designer Pininfarina, it is a car that will never age and continue to be a dream to drive. This one can be yours for a scant $55,000.

03-1993 Acura NSX

This 1993 Acura NSX has a mere 47,180 miles on the odometer, and its every bit a sweetheart to drive. It has a 3.0-liter VTEC V6 under the hood, which– combined with the sublime chassis – puts in the category of sportscars that have JUST the right amount of horsepower (270). Think; Scion FR-S, but with badder lines and a top speed of 170 mph.

01-1993 Acura NSX

What made the NSX different was that it normalized the supercar. No longer did one have to make sacrifices to drive exotics. A car could be comfortable, and also hang with the big boys. To wit, this car has done track days with the Florida Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America at the iconic Sebring racetrack. Consider that Ferrari owners regard the NSX as a special vehicle, and (due to the fact that Pininfarina designed the NSX, as well as countless Ferraris), the owners of the prancing horse regard the NSX as something of a sibling. Perhaps a perfectly sorted black sheep.

Note: The seller actually reached out to us. So if you are interested in this 1993 Acura NSX (priced: $55,000), contact us at editorial@boldride.com, and we can get you in contact with the seller, as it is currently not listed elsewhere.