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A clear sight to commercial implementation of the Clean-Frac system and the generation of licensing revenue.

By Ian Gilson, CFA

After the successful completion of the CLEAN-FRAC field trial in Bakersfield CA OriginOil (OOIL) has demonstrated the equipment in Eagle Ford shale region near San Antonio TX to operators and service companies. Observers commentated on the efficiency of the process and the clarity of the effluent water. Prior to treatment the contaminated water contained anticoagulants to keep solids and small amounts of oil suspended in the water. The CLEAN-FRAC system was able to separate out 98% of the solids and reduce the oil by 99%.

OriginOil is now assisting in the deployment of a 42 gallon/minute integrated clean-up system, which should be on line in 3Q13 in Bakersfield CA.

A copy of the full research report can be downloaded here >> OriginOil Report

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