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Cleveland fan gets approval for 'Browns Perfect Season Parade'

Cleveland Browns fan Chris McNeil wants to make the best of a bad situation.

So for the second year in a row, he’s pursued and received permission from the City of Cleveland to hold a parade near FirstEnergy Stadium, the home of the Browns, if the team completes an 0-16 season.

He calls it the “Perfect Season Parade.”

McNeil’s Twitter bio notes that he’s a fan of the “Browns Cavs Indians CBJ Buckeyes Miami Redhawks,” so he definitely has all of the Cleveland-area teams covered. And he is just looking for a way to have a little fun if the Browns become the second team in NFL history to record an 0-16 season.

Celebrate the stink: a Cleveland Browns fan wants to hold a parade if the team completes a perfect 0-16 season. (AP)

McNeil went through this process last year, and almost got to hold his parade: the Browns lost their first 14 games in 2016 but won their 15th, against the Chargers.

This year, Cleveland is 0-11 after last Sunday’s loss to the Bengals. This week, they’ll face the Chargers again.

While some don’t appreciate McNeil’s effort and sense of humor – last year, a local sports radio host flipped out when he heard about the parade, threatening on the air to fight anyone who wanted to go – enough do.

On the Facebook page McNeil’s created, over 5,200 people have said they’re interested in attending, and over 1,400 have confirmed that they’ll go.

“Celebrating perfection from the team that has given us nothing to celebrate since 1999,” McNeil writes on the page.

McNeil also has a GoFundMe to help defray costs; if the Browns win a game, thus eliminating the need for the parade, he’ll give any money already donated to the Cleveland Food Bank.

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