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Clever new iPhone app lets you unlock your Mac with Touch ID

Brad Reed
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Do you ever wish you had a simple way to unlock your computer just as easily as you unlock your Touch ID-enabled iPhone? Well now there is one, at least for Mac owners. A new app called FingerKey has come up with a clever way to let you unlock your computer using any Touch ID-compatible device.

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To set up FingerKey on your Mac, you’ll need to make sure it’s Bluetooth-LE capable, since that’s the way that your Touch ID-enabled iPhone will communicate with your computer. The app uses “256-bit AES encryption is used to store and transfer data between your phone and your computer” and it will let you unlock multiple computers at once if you need to.

In the future, developer Leandro Luizari plans to add support for both Windows and Linux-based machines so you’ll be able use this app with more than just OS X-based computers. He also plans to add pattern unlock features that will let you connect dots on your phone to unlock your computer instead of using Touch ID’s fingerprint sensor.

The app costs $1.99 and can be bought from the iTunes App Store at the source link below.

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