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Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment, Clinical Trial Media, Shares Tips for Successful Patient Recruitment and Retention This Year

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Feb. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Patient recruitment and retention is currently a challenging and consistent problem in clinical trials. This issue can result in increased costs, depleted resources and even delay introduction to the market. When conducting a clinical trial, there are some common tips and strategies you can consider to tackle recruitment and retention. Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Agency, Clinical Trial Media, is recommending the following tips to have a successful patient recruitment and retention period this year.

Let's start with recruitment. Some of the most important steps come before you actually start recruiting patients! You want to begin your recruitment planning with a significant amount of research. Although you may want to get started with recruitment efforts as soon as possible, knowing your target audience will be key to running a successful recruitment campaign. Try answering questions, such as what is the target patient population, how are they likely to get information/education, and what are the best healthcare facilities to partner with throughout the process.

After you've identified your audience, you can begin developing a promotional plan. This plan should revolve around the information you've gathered in the previous step mentioned above. The promotional plan should be a multi-channel campaign including both digital and print aspects, such as social media, flyers, or TV commercials. Focus the most effort on the channels you identified during your research phase that would be most likely to reach your ideal participants.

Once you've enrolled participants in the study, it's just as important to retain them. A significant contributor to patient retention is providing a comfortable and patient-friendly environment. There are several components that can assist you in attaining an ideal environment. Start by being mindful of the diverse group of patients that are part of your trial. There can be cultural differences that affect individuals in various ways and it will be important to make sure you can overcome any language or cultural barriers to make patients feel at home. Additionally, accommodating schedules as often as possible will help increase the trust and cooperation from your patients.

Lastly, you should always show appreciation and recognition for your patients! This is another factor that is often overlooked but will make a positive impact on your patient retention. Without your patients, there would be no trial and without trials, there would be no medical advancements occurring. Establish personal connections with your patients and remind them often of their importance to your cause.

These tips and strategies provided by Clinical Trial Media can help alleviate the problems your trial is facing regarding patient recruitment and retention. From beginning your recruitment efforts with research and planning, to showing appreciation for your enrolled patients during the trial, implementing these strategies can show a positive impact on your trial.

About CTM: Clinical Trial Media (CTM) is a global patient recruitment and retention firm that provides customized product and service offerings to maximize your study's enrollment potential. With our flexible solutions, superior customer service and vast clinical trial experience around the world, Clinical Trial Media is your global enrollment connection.



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