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Closing Print 1.22.2013


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2013 and the S&P :

Including today the S&P futures have closed higher 11 out of the first 14 trading days of the year. On a shorter time frame the S&P futures have closed higher 8 out of the last 9 sessions or have closed higher 5 out of the last 5 trading days.

SPH  high   1486.80  late
SPH  low    1476.00  early 
SPH close  1486.50  last, up 7.6 handles  

MOC : 23 of the DOW 30 to BUY / MOC buy 850mil (was 750)

Total volume: LOW 1.35mil but 400k of that volume came from GLOBEX and 4k SPHs traded in the pit

Today we have GOOG reporting after the close and AAPL tomorrow, there has to be some surprises there..  

Tomorrows economic calendar : MBA Purchase Apps, Redbook, FHFA House Price Index and a 4 week bill auction