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Closing Print 1.23.2013


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Cha- Ching Goes the Stock Market....

We hear that a lot of the big funds are chasing the early year returns. Over 48bil has gone into stock funds in the first 3 weeks of the new year.

Year to date the Dow is up 5.26%, S&P up 4.85%, NASDAQ up 4.55% and the Russell is up 5.73%.

SPH high 1491.00
SPH low 1484.70
SPH last 14

Total volume : 1.2mil and 4k SPH traded

MOC : 15 of the DOW 30 / MOC BUY $500mil

Tomorrow's economic releases : Jobless Claims, PMI, Leading Indicators, API and Nat Gas numbers, KC Fed Mfg. index and a 2yr, 5yr and a 7 yr note auction