U.S. Markets closed

Closing Print 1.28.2013

K. Tanner

Neither rain, nor sleet, not hail can keep the S&P from going up.

The S&P futures have closed higher 14 out of the first 18 trading days of the new year or has closed higher 12 out of the last 13 days or up 9 in a row.

This desk has has not seen this type of price action since the days before the 1987 Crash.

SPH high 1499.00 (1500.00 in GLOBEX)
SPH low 1491.50 early
SPH last 149

Total volume 1.25mil ESH and 3k SPH trade

MOC : 18 of the DOW 30 to buy / MOC buy $345mil

Tomorrow: First day of the FOMC meeting, Redbook, S&P Shiller Case, 5 yr note auction