U.S. Markets close in 1 hr 10 mins

Closing Print 4.23.2013



S&P Futures:
Opening Range: 1564.50-1565.30
Daily high: 1574.50
Daily low: 1564.50
SPM volume: 4k
ESH Volume 2.1 mil
NYSE Stocks 60% to sell side


The S&P was up for the day with the exception of the AP Twitter Scare which turned out to be a 
hack claiming a false attack on the White House and injury to the President. The Dow finished 
strong up 152.29 points and the low of the day in the S&P was right after opening at 1564 and was
straight up from there to finish at 1574. The 30 year bond briefly hit 149.06 after the scare 
and closed at 148.00. The Fed's quantitative easing is keeping the bond up. Apple earnings expectations
have led to rise in the Nasdaq of 27 handles to close at 2823