U.S. Markets open in 6 hrs 31 mins

Closing Print 4.24.2013


S&P futures
Close:1574.00    Up Fractionally
Opening Range: 1564.50-1565.30
Daily high: 1573.80
Daily low:  1574.20
SPM volume: 2.7k
ESH Volume 1.4 mil
NYSE Stocks  50/50 buy to sell at close (Dow 30)

Relatively quiet day in markets.  The SPM closed down 5 handles to 1574.00 in the last five minutes.  After yesterday's "hack crash", the S&P,and Dow (-43) traded in a neutral to slightly downward range. The 30 Year Bond( ZBM3) stayed above 148 for most of the day.


7:30am Initial Jobless Claims "Survey 351K"
9:30am Natural Gas EIA
12:00pm 7YR Note Auction

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