U.S. Markets closed

Closing Print 5.8.2013



Can you say S&P 500 MELT UP? There are NO PULL backs. Bonds and S&Ps closing higher... whats the deal?

SPM high 1629.30 on the cash close
SPM low 1618.70 after the open
SPM last 1629.30 , up 8.7 handles

Total volume: 1.55mil ESM and 3.5k SPM trade

MOC : BUY $1.1bil
Tomorrow is the biggest day of the week for economic releases : Chain Store Sales, Jeffery Lacker speaks, Jobless claims, Wholesale trade, Nat gas numbers, 30 Yr- bond auction, Charles Plosser speaks, and Money Supply

Nice little head fake down to 1622.50 , then in come the $1.1bil to buy and NEW highs !!

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