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Cloud Computing IaaS Pricing Cut by 50 Percent; New Price Performance Leader Emerges

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BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jul 31, 2013) - ProfitBricks, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company that completely reengineered the delivery of cloud computing, today announced that it will cut its prices in half, making it the price/performance leader among IaaS vendors. With this price drop ProfitBricks' instance prices are now roughly 50 percent lower than the other major cloud computing providers.

The new pricing model, outlined in detail on ProfitBricks' website and also detailed in a white paper titled "The Secret World of IaaS Pricing: How to compare apples and oranges among cloud providers," sets cloud pricing on the path for full adoption by the enterprise.

In addition, ProfitBricks has made a benchmark study available from Cloud Spectator showing that the ProfitBricks' cloud runs at speeds twice that of Amazon EC2 Web Services and other major vendors.

ProfitBricks customers have the most flexibility in both their compute power and with their expense sheets -- as they only pay for resources they consume. That's because ProfitBricks' focus is on delivering the most essential IaaS services: computing and storage.

To do that, ProfitBricks specifically avoids anything that gets in the way of pure cloud computing usage-based models, including pre-payments, reserved instances, or long-term contracts. 

Cost Savings For Every Business Size and Helping Enterprises Migrate To The Public Cloud

While this price drop helps CIOs and CTOs in the upcoming budgeting season get a good head start in lowering cost, it also makes the Public Cloud more attractive for enterprises. It's well documented that private clouds can be less expensive than public clouds once an environment has reached a certain size; with the ProfitBricks price drop, that size has been moved out significantly.

"IaaS vendors like ProfitBricks and our competitors have the expertise and the scalability to help customers of all sizes," said ProfitBricks Co-Founder and CMO Andreas Gauger. "It's always surprised me that companies can outgrow the public cloud. There is no real reason for that to happen other than price, and now we've removed that barrier as well."

"ProfitBricks is looking to straddle the divide between 'you-get what-you-get' cloud instances and expensive custom hosting deployments with automated, flexible configurations. It's a sensible way to differentiate on the premise of infrastructure as a service, and the price cuts show there is a lot of room for aggressive maneuvering in this market," said Carl Brooks, analyst at 451 Research.

Less than Half the Price of AWS with Greater Performance and Control

Based on Amazon's public pricing, ProfitBricks customers save at least 45 percent in a one-to-one comparison. For example, an Amazon M1 Medium instance with 1 core, 3.75GB of RAM and 250GB of block storage is $0.155 per hour or $111.40 per month. A similar instance on ProfitBricks costs $0.0856 per hour or $61.65 per month. Similar savings can be seen when comparing ProfitBricks' new pricing to the Rackspace Cloud.

With the ProfitBricks Cloud, since the number of cores, amount of RAM, and amount of block storage are independently scalable, a customer can get an instance of the exact size needed rather than wasting money on unnecessarily large instances.

Availability and Contact

Services with the new pricing are available for existing customers and new customers immediately by signing up on the ProfitBricks website or by contacting the ProfitBricks sales team at +1-866-852-5229. ProfitBricks also encourages those wanting to learn more to register for one of its 30-Minute Webinar Series: "How to Understand the Secret World of Cloud IaaS Pricing Comparing Apples and Oranges Among Cloud Providers."

About ProfitBricks
ProfitBricks -- the IaaS price and performance leader who introduced Cloud Computing 2.0 -- offers more speed, flexibility and value than any other cloud provider. Founded in 2010 by the co-founders of the 1&1 Internet Web Hosting business, ProfitBricks enables customers to build true virtual datacenters with custom defined instances, live vertical scaling and class-leading double redundant cloud storage -- all with simple and transparent minute-based billing. It also developed the first graphical Data Center Designer that makes the ProfitBricks Cloud Computing service the easiest to set up and maintain. CRN Magazine recently picked ProfitBricks as the "Coolest Startup" of 2012. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany and Boston, Mass., ProfitBricks can be found online at http://www.ProfitBricks.com.