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Clovity Laying the Foundation for the Smart Cities Through Proliferation of IoT Connected Devices, 5G Networks and Integrated Smart Grid & Mesh Technologies

Silicon Valley-based leading Digital Technology Solution Provider Clovity is leveraging its Enterprise experience, Telco expertise, IoT & Connected Devices excellence and leveraging 5th Generation Wireless (5G) as networking backbone to build Smart Cities of the future

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Clovity, Microsoft Gold Partner, Atlassian Solution Partner and CIO's Top IoT Solution Provider, who is a recognized end-to-end IoT solution provider, and the creator of CSensorNet and CDatainsights frameworks, announced today that it is accelerating its focus on building best of breed technology ecosystem to support the growing needs around the creation of a Smart City. With the dawn of 5th Generation Wireless (5G) technology and the maturity of IoT & Connected devices, the "City of the Future" has become well within reach.

5G is allowing data transmission at speeds of 20 gigabits per second that ensures seamless transmission of data from millions of applications and IoT devices and provide real time actionable insights to the world around us. Very soon many cities across the United States and other International cities will begin to see smart lighting, metering, grid, traffic, roads, parking, energy, farms, mobility, pedestrian transport, buildings, emergency response services, healthcare, energy, and infrastructure. To support the Terabytes and Petabytes of data that will be produced, ingested and analyzed on a daily basis, technology innovators like Clovity is focused on leveraging its expertise in Telco, IoT, Meshnet and digital to build large scalable solutions to support the needs of Smart City residents, vendors and participants.

In the next ten years, both the amount of IoT devices and the data created by these devices will grow exponentially. Experts estimate between 20 – 50 billion connected devices over the next 5-10 years. While that is a large discrepancy between the number of devices that will be in play in the next decade, the truth remains the same. Security and scalability will be the determination of whether these technologies truly succeed in making an urbanites life as seamless and data driven as possible. A cohesive mindset is needed to drive Smart City technology creation and proliferation so that safety is paramount and scalability is common.

Clovity leverages it enterprise experience in understanding the larger Smart City landscape, relationships with participants, ability to break down into smaller building blocks and unparallel experience in IoT, Embedded, Cloud, Big Data and Digital, enables them to create massive, intricate, and secure networks that will be able to accommodate for the needs of the Smart City. Translation of data from thousands of different IoT devices and the billions of data points per day a city will produce, takes precise planning, engineering, and the creation of robust tools to ensure the Smart City works as intended. It is also crucial that Cloud providers and platforms will need to be able to accommodate mass amount of unstructured data and deliver them quickly, in real time, to mobile devices and display modules located throughout the city. Furthermore, advanced analytic platforms must be created to ensure that all the troves of data being created daily are being utilized to make cities more efficient and agile when planning future initiatives.

"We are already familiar with technology that lets us hail a car, order pretty much anything from Amazon, and speak commands to control our phones, light switches and garage doors. Smart Cities will help people via mobile apps that help us find and reserve parking spots in major cities, tell our cars where pot holes exist, a place where you can unlock your office door and turn on your computer before you even arrive at work. But few, if any, have tied all these services together in one system" says Chris Medina, Chief Strategy Officer for Clovity. "Clovity seeks to solve the ties of all devices across all verticals to make life simpler and live better."

Clovity will continue to drive the future of technology and its use to create a better, more efficient world. By providing best of breed IoT, Cloud, Data, and Digital solutions to the municipalities of the US and internationally, Clovity looks to further accelerate the pace towards an easier, more connected future for all of us. For more information and customer stories please visit http://www.clovity.com.

About Clovity

Clovity is a Microsoft Gold Partner, Atlassian Solution Partner and CIO's Top IoT Solution Provider, enabling global Fortune 500 enterprises and high growth mid-market technology enterprises with fully integrated device-to-cloud-to-enterprise integration solutions with the outcome to simplify building your Internet of Things (IoT), Data, Cloud & Digital platforms to power tomorrow's Enterprise world.

Thinking "Agile | IoT | Embedded | Data | ML | AI | Cloud | DevOps | Digital" - Think Clovity as the Global Solutions Partner and Systems Integrator focused on transforming enterprises worldwide.

Clovity's cognitive strength lies in the amalgamation of two powerful ideas - collaboration and transformity. Clovity emphasizes on combining thought leadership, innovation and passion for technology together to achieve successful transformation and 'disruptive solutions' for Banking Finance, Healthcare and Retail industries that are IoT, Cloud, Consumerization and Big Data' focused

Clovity underpins its solutions with deep Agile expertise by leveraging its Agile Framework: Synthesis in every aspect of customer journey to ensure complete collaboration and transparency. Clovity key is to work in absolute synchrony with customers to deliver solutions and projects to create scalable technology foundation and architecture for all future advancements.