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The coach who spent 18 months re-teaching Tim Tebow how to throw a football is convinced he fixed him

Tony Manfred
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(Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images)Since getting cut by the New England Patriots before the 2013 season, Tim Tebow has been working with quarterback guru Tom House.

House, a former MLB pitcher who's now a renowned private quarterbacks coach, has been effusive in his praise of Tebow, even before he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in a one-year deal.

While it's not exactly surprising that House is hyping up his client, he's taking a bit of a reputational risk by declaring Tebow's broken throwing motion fixed.

Chip Kelly reportedly signed Tebow on an endorsement from House. If Tebow shows up to Eagles camp and is just as inaccurate as he was in 2013, it's House's status that's going to take a hit.

With that in mind, take a look at some of House's quotes about Tebow over the last month or so.

He told Albert Breer of NFL Network that Tebow is getting for a comeback.

"What amazes me is this young man, with no job prospects, has prepared just as hard as he would if he were the No. 1 quarterback for an NFL team," House said. "He's busted his butt. He spins the ball better than he did, and he's much more accurate than he was. I think he's ready."

He added:

We helped his throwing. When he was released by the Patriots, because of Tom Brady, he came to us ... He had trouble spinning the ball and he wasn't very accurate. We didn't do much conditioning or route trees or run many defenses against him. We honestly felt we could help him with his throwing, like everyone else, but this time, he got enough reps where the change was made.

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He told Bleacher Report's Mike Tanier that he has satisfied the mythical 10,000-hour rule with his new delivery: "The difference now is that he has put in the reps. There have been 10,000-plus reps. If he gets a chance to play again and gets back to competition, it's hard-wired now. He doesn't have to think about it."

He said all he needs is another chance, telling Tanier, "I can't see any reason why someone would not at least give him another chance. I'm not running the football world; I'm on the periphery. But for closure on everybody's end, it would be nice to see him get one more shot to make a ball club."

Fox's Bruce Feldman, who wrote a book on quarterback development that featured House, reports that House is convinced he's fixed:

Tebow faces an uphill battle to make the 53-man roster. But at the very least he now has a chance to show the world how much he has improved over the last 18 months.

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