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Coal comeback spurs new carbon emissions growth, says BP

By Ron Bousso
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    Of course the liberal media isn't telling you that India and China were exempt (for decades)from meeting The carbon reduction goals of the Paris Climate Agreement because they are "developing countries"..... Wasn't worth the paper it was written on...…
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    CO2 levels have varied from 180 to 7,000 parts per million over the past 500 million years, but Environmental groups use data going back only 400 THOUSAND years. Why? The current reading is 400ppm, which is close to the low.
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    Growing economy = growing energy consumption.
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    The US has been reducing its emissions, while most of the rest of the world hasn't. Not even Germany can reduce theirs. So that fancy Paris Agreement was clearly an agreement in to increase, not decrease, emissions!
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    As the radical climate trolls ignore the reality of no matter what we do in the US, it is dwarfed by what the developing economies are doing. The US has controlled CO2 generation as well or better than any other major economy without the Paris accord. The Paris accord was and is meaningless words written by bureaucrat diplomats with the intent of eroding capitalism as an economic system. The US did it with natural gas, a great intermediate step while renewables and/or nuclear can fill the gap.
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    Hedley Lamar
    Watts up with this? We are told daily that Trump's efforts to revive coal has failed.
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    BS! Inconsequential compared to Hawaii & S. American earthquakes!
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    China and India never planned to stop building coal plants. Ever. As they were at the Paris conference telling people about their bold plans, their utility companies were breaking ground on hundreds of new coal plants, with over 1200 new plants scheduled in 67 countries. This alone illustrates the lie that its for the planet. All it was for was to get the USA to write a $2 billion check to India for solar panels, etc. Complete fraud.
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    China (with I think 30% or so of their electric generation allotted to coal) and India were always going to burn coal and increase the level of emissions in the air Paris
    accord or not. Trump's proposal for a new air traffic control system will prevent tons of emissions that no one has yet addressed.
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    China and India can start to make a move in 2035 according to agreements. Until then it is using renewables to get off diesel power in many places.