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Coca Cola shares climbing, Teva is soaring and Tesla takes a dive

Let’s check out the Yahoo Finance charts of the day.

Coca Cola (COKE) Shares are up .02% right now in midday trading. The beverage giant is interested in CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and is in talks with Canadian marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis to develop drinks, according to Bloomberg.

Next, Teva pharmaceuticals (TEVA). Shares are up in early trade,  at around 4.81%. Over the weekend the drugmaker announced the FDA approved its drug for the preventive treatment of migraines in adults.

Finally Tesla (TSLA). Shares are down here around 1.01%…CEO Elon Musk weighing in on the carmaker’s latest issue, responding to a customer complaint on twitter –  “Sorry, we’ve gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell, but this problem is far more tractable. We’re making rapid progress.”

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