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Coinyee: Making Contribution to New Age of Blockchain and TOKEN Economy

As an Outstanding Representative of the Global Blockchain Digital Assets Trading Platform, Coinyee Also Attended the TokenSky Blockchain Summit in the Seoul, South Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / March 15, 2018 / The grand opening of 2018 TokenSky Conference is held on March 14 to 15, 2018 at Seoul Hilton Hotel in South Korea. The event is co-sponsored by both the Asia-Pacific Blockchain Association and TokenSky Committee. The meeting brought together top economists, professors, financiers, legal experts, investors, geeks, exchange, industry leaders, service providers, media, as well as token enthusiasts, the currency circle, investors, economists and scholars from around the world to discuss various items of blockchain.

The conference consists of two parts: main venue and affiliated venues, such as the ''Blockchain and Token Economic Summit Forum-Asia-Pacific special,'' 'Star Show,'' ''Exchange Forum,'' and ''Digital Assets Investment Forum.'' The conference is also the most professional industry conference in the field of Token and Blockchain.

As an outstanding representative of the global blockchain digital assets trading platform, Coinyee also attended the TokenSky Blockchain Summit in Seoul, South Korea, embracing the Seoul Consensus put forward by the conference. We should be in tune with the industry policy all over the world and make our best effort to strengthen the industry self-discipline to pursue the industry compliance and protect the interests of investors.

Coinyee has paid high attention to the interests of investors and user experience since it was found. A series of merits, such as rapid withdraw and quality currencies making Coinyee surge ahead and come therefore, becoming one of the most watched digital asset exchanges.

Being registered in Singapore, one of the global financial centers, Coinyee is a global blockchain digital asset trading platform aggregating the global high quality blockchain assets, providing the users with high quality currencies such as BTC、LTC、ETH、BCH and high-quality transaction service. Coinyee is devoted to be leader and innovator in the field of the block chain digital assets transaction adhering to service concept of Secure, Professional, Extreme and Thoughtful.

Frank, Coinyee partner, in an interview, said that what TOKEN economy brings is a change in production relations that the role of the project issuer and investor will be combined, and the participants also will be owner. Everyone will make contribution to the project development and the future will be a new era which everyone is full of expectations.

2018 is a key year for Blockchain and Token economy. Our world today has entered the digital economic era, and there is a growing trend for digital assets. Token is not only a token but also is the new distribution mechanism of business which is the product of the coordinated development of technology and civilization. The 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference was aimed to promote the development and cooperation of the global blockchain and gather various views and suggestions from all parties to explore the way of application of Token. And for this Coinyee shoulders a historical mission to make contribution to the establishment of new digital economic era and token economy relying on advanced technology and paying attention to the interests of investors and user experience.

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