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This Colbert co-founded startup fixes the goat problem

Rob Dubbin is a four-time Emmy winning comedy writer with 11 years in showbiz, and he has ditched the writer’s room to write computer code.

His company is called Scripto, based on a software program for scripts and television production. Incubated at The Colbert Report on Comedy Central and co-founded by host Stephen Colbert, Scripto is now being used by other high-profile shows including The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, and Full Frontal.

“I’m really proud to help people do their work, make their art,” Dubbin says in the video above.

While writing for The Colbert Report, Dubbin found himself frustrated by legacy software used by television writers. He’d lost scripts — including a key one right before a taping with then-candidate Barack Obama. He’d also seen props and extras messed up by writing programs that couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of a daily show, including one memorable time when a live goat arrived for the Colbert Report after the stunt had been cut earlier in the day.

The producers broke the news gently to the goat, and Dubbin says he made sure to visit the goat’s green room even though it wouldn’t be in the show.

Colbert and Duggin showing off Scripto, which they began creating in 2010. Photo: Scripto.

Like Apple’s Jobs and Wozniack, and Hewlett and Packard before them, Dubbin and Colbert are a team. However, Dubbin and Colbert fashion themselves as more of a Jobs and Jobs duo in their first advertisement launched last year.

“I want Michael Fassbender to play us both,” quipped Dubbin. “It will be the role of a lifetime.”

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