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ColdStack - The Uber Of The Decentralized Universe

·4 min read

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2021 / Coldstack, the Uber for clouds is set to be the first tier-one crypto project to IDO on SuperStarter - the native launchpad of SuperFarm. The team behind Coldstack come with a ton of experience from already trail blazing projects in the ecosystem, namely Prometeus & Prosper. The project was oversubscribed in the private round, having raised funds from popular VC funds such as Spark Digital Capital, X21, Genblock Capital, Block Dream Fund, Morningstar Ventures and JRR Group.

Facts About ColdStack

Coated with the decentralized storage system, ColdStack provides you with a single entry point with integrated API and billing, having the fastest, simplest, and most affordable way within the crypto horizon to release Decentralized Clouds. Very vital for clients to avoid API duplicates as well as different Clouds. Also, multiple Decentralized Clouds can be combined in one App, and tools or SDK clients designed for Amazon Centralized Cloud storage can equally be reused.

ColdStack brings an open-source of Decentralized Cloud Aggregator based on unified Protocol that allows users to the Cloud Storage Platforms such as Filecoin, Areware, Storj, and SIA without significant integration efforts. The Main Purpose behind the creation of Coldstack is to create such a platform that enables users to store and retrieve data via unified data exchange API, Which is 100% compatible with Amazon S3 API that allows users and customers to use any familiar AWS library or SDK. ColdStack will solve all the problems facing Decentralized Cloud Storage with the API3 interface. According to the ColdStack believers, it will be the Uber of the decentralized universe. It is synergistic in approach and also a partner with many Popular Platforms including BitTorrent, SIA Filecoin, as well as many others. Coldstack will be issuing it's CLS token on the ethereum mainnet, and integrated with Polkadot parachain Chachacha for other platform procedures. By the end of the 4th quarter of 2021, the team will launch the product fully, implementing it with BSC ( Binance Smart Chain) and also EOS.

Just as the name implies, the platform provides long-term storage for "cold" data (cold storage) at a juicer rate, unlike Amazon Clouds.

ColdStack A Decentralized Cloud Aggregator All in One

As a cloud management platform, ColdStack works smoothly with three functional Nodes.

  • Upload Nodes

    • It will host an AI-based pipeline, which is a cost-efficient storage guarantee. When users are uploading their files, the Upload Node manages every encounter and ensures it is a success.

  • Billing Nodes

    • It will handle all billing, cross-chain, and cross-token operations used to determine the payments and commissions. Also takes care of exchange pools with DSNs tokens.

  • Retrieve Nodes

    • Retrieve Node functions when a user is retrieving a file. It will cache and guide the process once a user initiates the process. Its unified API will create easy data storage and retrieval that will be possible from anywhere and anytime.

  • Who uses ColdStack?

    • Coming across with a wide array of functionalities and benefits, The ColdStack Storage system is commonly used by businesses in the computer software industry.

  • Defi Service Users

    • Designed for Defi users, ColdStack is absolutely transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable. It also provides easy data storage and retrieval from large hybrid databases like payout schedules and token bonding curves.

  • NFT Marketplace

    • Users can consider ColdStack as a very affordable Universal digital Asset Storage for NFT Market Place. The token with major NFTs Marketplace such as the OpenSea and superRare, and will seamlessly be tradable on these Places.

  • Web3 Infrastructure Projects

    • ColdStack can provide the web3 infrastructure-based DApps with the all-in-one experience for Unified data management to deal with heterogeneous data of any size.

  • Blockchain-Based Games

    • Developers can use ColdStack for the storage of tons of data concerning the players' activities at very reliable, affordable, and cheap rates.

  • ColdStack Tokens-CLS Token

    • CLS token is the native token used in ColdStack. The CLS token allows users to access the portal and the entire DSN ecosystem, as it also fuel and allows for the Decentralized Storage Properly complete with the centralized storage. Not only this, a strong and ever-growing demand will be created for the CLS token, rewarding purchasers and early adopters of the system to share in the success of ColdStack.

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