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New Colombia Resources Inc.'s Director Reduces Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Level by 65% in One Month after Using Sannabis' Pure Cannabis Indica Extract

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2017) - New Colombia Resources, Inc. ("the Company") ( OTC : NEWC ), a Colombian natural resource company listed in the U.S., with premium metallurgical coal and medical marijuana assets, is pleased to announce their Director has successfully reduced his PSA level by 65 % after one month of treatment with Sannabis' Cannabis Indica Pure Extract. Sannabis is a joint venture of New Colombia Resources, Inc.

Erasmo Almanza, age 74, a Director of New Colombia Resources Inc., had a normal PSA level for his age on April 30, 2016 of 6.392 ng/mL. An exam on June 3, 2017 revealed his PSA level shot up to 21.332 causing him and his doctors great concern. Ten days later, on June 13, he had another exam exhibiting an extremely high level of 42.205. That day, Mr. Almanza began taking 1 mL of Sannabis' Pure Cannabis Indica Extract rectally every evening using a special applicator. 

On June 24, 2017, his exam showed a drop to 18.79, a 55% decrease in 11 days. On July 15, 2017, his PSA decreased again to 15.29, a 65% decrease approximately one month after treatment. Mr. Almanza was taking no other medication as he is awaiting a biopsy of his prostate. For a copy of Mr. Almanza's PSA lab results visit, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxSKP5j2Flsedkp6TThOUThFTGM

Mr. Almanza has not had a biopsy and it hasn't been confirmed whether or not he has prostate cancer, his doctors assume he does. These results allow Sannabis to analyze which strains work better for potential prostate cancer patients. It was also confirmed that an anal application of the extract doesn't cause the patient the psychoactive effects of THC, a huge plus in the treatment of cancer patients. This same dosage taken orally generally causes the "high" effect, a negative for some patients. This is the second successful documented prostate case with similar results using Sannabis' Pure Cannabis Indica Extract. The Company will provide an update on Mr. Almanza's progress after another 10 days of treatment before his biopsy procedure, which he is debating whether or not to do.

The batch of extract Mr. Almanza used for the first 2 weeks was different than he used in the last 2 weeks. It is highly recommended that the same batch of medicine be used, 60 mL in 2 months, 1 mL per evening. After his June 13 reading of 42.21, he used the first available extract given to him by his partner, John Campo, which was manufactured last year.

The doctor recommended 60-day treatment for cancer patients is:

"We are not making any claims, but the facts speak for themselves. First and foremost, I am extremely happy for Erasmo and his family that his PSA level is going down. When I last saw him about two weeks ago, he even looks better with much more color in his face and spunk in his step. We're doing everything possible to legally bring this therapeutic treatment to those that need it. Archaic laws don't allow us to import this treatment to most developed countries yet, therefore, we have prepared the Sannabis Therapeutic Spa in Colombia to bring in patients from abroad. This is not a medical clinic and there are no guarantees, however any patient needing our medicine should call me immediately to make a reservation at our Spa outside of Cali, Colombia," stated John Campo, President of New Colombia Resources, Inc.

The Sannabis Therapeutic Spa will provide the patient legal access to Sannabis' products in a very comfortable and safe environment. Spouses or loved ones will also be accommodated at the Sannabis SPA, that provides an in-house doctor that will cater to the patient's specific needs after review of their medical records. Nurses will be on staff 24 hours per day, a local hospital with ambulances are also on standby. Other amenities include maid service, gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, horseback riding, ping pong, pool table, Direct TV, Wi-Fi and international phone service included with U.S. number, and a diet designed to the patient's specific needs. Patients will be tended to 24 hours a day until they get better. Additionally, many tourist activities will be made available to patients and their families showcasing the beauty of Colombia. 

Brochures and videos will be available soon on the Company's website, in the meantime, pictures of the property can be viewed at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9tABOYTg8Y2dHZGc3haVHg4ZU0

To view a nationally televised documentary about medical marijuana in Colombia featuring Sannabis growers, patients, and management visit the first video on http://www.sannabis.co/video. This documentary interviewed Sannabis patients and their loved ones around the country using Sannabis products.

Follow Sannabis on Facebook for photos and testimonials at https://www.facebook.com/sannabis.cannamedicinal

CORRECTION- In a July 14, 2017 Press Release issued by New Colombia Resources about spinning out Sannabis onto the AIM market in London, the projected market capitalization, by the consultant, for SANNABIS, PLC is £25,000,000, not £25,000,000,000.

New Colombia Resources, Inc.

New Colombia Resources, Inc. owns vast reserves of premium metallurgical coal mining titles and a medical marijuana joint venture in the Republic of Colombia. They are setting up a rock mining operation to supply the major road and infrastructure projects within miles of their properties. They own 100% of La Tabaquera metallurgical coal mine in Colombia with an estimated 15- 17 million tonnes of reserves. They have an additional 1196 ha. metallurgical coal mining title that they are negotiating to develop with a foreign entity to build a coal fired power plant. New Colombia Resources holds a significant position in Sannabis SAS which legally produces medical marijuana products in the Republic of Colombia, visit www.sannabis.co. For more information on the Company visit www.newcolombiaresources.com

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