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What The Color Of Your Front Door Says About You

Mandi Woodruff

Flickr via sbh

Today's homeowners are working overtime to find creative ways to stand out on streets teeming with For Sale signs.

A pail of paint can go a long way –– if you pick the right color. 

"Color has a psychological component through which we often communicate our moods, feelings, emotions, and personality," says Debbi Zimmer, editor at PaintQuality.com.

"The entire exterior color scheme has meaning, but the color of the front door is especially important. Like a necktie, which is the focal point of an outfit, the front door is the focal point of the home. The color there sends a strong message – in the case of the front door, providing insight into how we view our home."

Here's what your front door color might say about you:

Whatever shade you choose, don't go overboard.

"A bright pink paint job and lawn cluttered with gnomes and flamingos is going to offer little in the way of curb appeal," says The Street's Joe Mont. "That koi pond you love so much may be just a headache for a new owner."

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