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Colorado Springs-Based Sculptor Christopher Weed Brings His Large Scale, Three-Dimensional Sensibilities and Elements of His Installations to the World of Art Showcase December 20-22

'Red Paper Clips' 2011 by Christopher Weed. 4.625'' OD steel tubing with an Epoxy primer and Urethane finish. Dimensions are 24' high by 36' wide and 9' deep. Sculpture weighs 3.5 tons. Click here for high-resolution version

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - Nov 8, 2012) - With the addition of veteran Colorado Springs-based sculptor Christopher Weed to the roster for the World of Art Showcase (www.worldofartshowcase.com), the scope of the first year event -- a unique celebration of the visual arts at The Wynn Las Vegas December 20-22 -- just became grander in both appeal and (three-dimensional) size.

Though the work he is sharing represents a very small sample of the hundreds of large-scale public sculptures he has created over the past 20 years, the size and subjects of these items -- from the 60" in diameter 850lb. Spore from his "Spores" installation, to the 17-foot-tall, 4,500 lb. abstracted door titled "Portal." "Portal 2" from his current display in downtown Colorado Springs -- typifies the uniqueness and large scale vision of Weed's creations.

In 2007, 5280 Magazine named his work "Opening Doors" at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center the "Best Public Art in Denver." Recent commissions include those for the RTD light rail and for the cities of Aurora, Lafayette, Boulder and Fort Collins. His work has appeared in collections everywhere from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami to New York, Seattle, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and his hometown of Philadelphia.

"Portal 2" is an especially emotional work that is part of Public Art "Portal 1 and Portal 2," a temporary installation at the Plaza of the Rockies. Portal 1 stands 30' high and weighs over 4.5 tons. Portal 2 stands 18' tall and has incorporated video elements, including images of Weed's "Spores" installation at Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, with 20 spores in all. 

Weed also plans to bring to the World of Art Showcase his work "The Door," which is 17-feet high and weighs 4,500 lbs. It is notable for its abstract shape and precarious, balance, skewing the viewers perceptions of reality and is currently on display at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center after a show in Michigan. Another recent work of note is "Red Paperclips," larger than life sculptures that won first prize at the 2009 Art on the Streets Exhibition in Colorado. The pieces are 24 feet high, with a combined weight of 3.5 tons.