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LATEST: ADP's monthly employment change report is out.

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ORIGINAL: Heads up! We are minutes away from the release of ADP's monthly National Employment Report, due out at 8:15 AM ET.

Economists predict the ADP report will estimate an addition of 150,000 workers to private payrolls in October, down from 166,000 in September.

The ADP report is a proxy for the official jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics each month. Usually, the two are released in the same week — ADP on Wednesday and the jobs report on Friday — but due to the government shutdown, the September report was released just last week, and the October report won't be released until November 8.

Employment growth has been tepid in recent months. The rolling 3-month average of nonfarm payroll creation slipped to 148,000 in September, down from 224,000 in April.

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