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CommunityMed Rolls out Virtual Waiting Room from Your Car or Home to Allow Patients to Social Distance with a Great Patient Experience

Patients can now check in, register and wait from their car before going directly to their clean exam room.

DALLAS, March 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- CommunityMed Urgent Care, based in Dallas, has rolled out a virtual waiting room for their medical clinics. The virtual waiting room lets patients present online, complete registration paperwork (including the latest COVID screening) provide IDs and insurance cards, get their place in the queue, wait for their turn, and get signaled that their clean exam room is ready. All of this is done via text and online interaction. In this era of social distancing, this tool is an effective method to bring patients straight back to their exam room.

"All a patient has to do is text 'Hello' to the phone number on the banner outside the clinic or on our website. That starts the process," says Birken Olson, the CEO of CommunityMed. The tool will then walk the patient through the check-in and registration process, apprise the facility that the patient visit is underway, and let the clinic staff signal the patient when it is their turn to come back.

Patient paperwork is completed on the patient's phone with a custom web form that minimizes the paperwork for the patient. The patient can even ask for help or signal that they are having issues with the electronic registration.

"This keeps our patients from having to interact with other patients, and lets the clinical staff focus efforts on keeping patient areas cleaned and ready for the next visitor," say Dr. Gregory Blomquist, the Company's Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Blomquist continues, "It goes beyond a simple text-when-it's-your-turn solution that others have where patients must still undergo paperwork and contact with other patients. This is a fully virtual system that allows patients to minimize contact and maximize social distance."

CommunityMed Urgent Care operates walk-in medical clinics throughout North Texas in smaller towns in the North Texas region. With clinics in Melissa, Prosper, Crossroads, Princeton, Haslet, Arlington, and Wichita Falls, CommunityMed offers first-class service, top quality care, and a home-town spirit. Visit the company website at https://CommunityMedCare.com.


SOURCE CommunityMed Urgent Care