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Companies to Watch: Amazon interested in Boost Mobile, Allianz strikes two deals, Tesla takes orders in China

Here are the companies Yahoo Finance is watching today.

A possible big deal for Amazon (AMZN). Reuters says the e-commerce giant is interested in buying Boost Mobile from Sprint, but only if Amazon gets to use T-Mobile's network for at least 6 years. Sprint and T-Mobile are currently negotiating with the Justice Department over conditions for their merger.

German insurance giant Allianz (AZSEY) is striking two big deals worth about a billion dollars. It's buying a unit from rival Legal and General in the UK, and taking full control of a separate joint venture with Liverpool Victoria. The deals will make Allianz the second-largest general insurer in the UK, with about 9% of the market.

Tesla (TSLA) has officially started taking orders for a Model 3 made in China. The base price is about $47,000 dollars. That's 13% cheaper than a version imported from the United States. The savings are largely thanks to getting around hefty import taxes on the cars. Tesla says it expects to start making deliveries of the Chinese-made cars in the next 6-to-10 months.

California is taking the necessary steps to prevent more wildfires. State regulators have signed off on PG&E's (PCG) plan to turn off power lines during dangerously dry and windy weather, but said utilities must do a better job of notifying people about any potential harm. The move comes after last year's fire in California killed 85 people and left the city of Paradise destroyed.

Starting today, Disneyland (DIS) guests will be able to visit the park's new Star Wars attraction. However, they'll have to pay high prices if they want the full experience - which includes $200 lightsabers and $42 cocktails. They'll also only be allowed to stay for about 4 hours before an employee escorts them out.