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Crocs shines in Q1, Amazon Go store makes exception, Google to unveil new tools

Here are the companies Yahoo Finance is watching today.

A big beat for Crocs (CROX). The shoe maker posted earnings and revenue that were above expectations and it’s increased its share buyback plans. The CEO called it a "great start" to 2019 as demand grows around the world.

Amazon (AMZN) is launching a new Go store in New York City today, but with a twist: It will accept cash, though there still won't be any registers. A worker will swipe cash customers into and out of the store and take their money. There's been a growing backlash against stores that don't accept cash, and New York is just one of the cities across the country considering banning them.

Google (GOOG) is set to unveil new tools to limit the way it tracks you across the web. The search giant plans to roll out a new dashboard, as soon as today, that lets you limit the use of cookies. Those are the text files that let advertisers know what you've seen and where you've been searching. The changes will only apply to the Chrome browser.

Microsoft (MSFT) is offering up new software tools to make voting during elections more secure. The tech giant is proposing a system that can audit votes by having ballots registered and tracked long after they've been cast. Two of the top three vendors of U.S. elections have already expressed interest in the software.

Apple (AAPL) has been buying up companies at a rapid pace lately. CEO Tim Cook says the company has bought around two dozen companies in the past 6 months, acquiring, on average, a company every two or three weeks. By comparison, Apple acquired just 18 companies in 2018. Some of the company's most popular acquisitions in recent years include Beats in 2014 and Workflow in 2017.

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