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Hilton delivers, Activision Blizzard disappoints, Tesla’s thinking ahead

Here are the companies the Yahoo Finance team is watching today.

A beat at Hilton. The hotel company delivered a stronger-than-expected quarter with revenue and earnings both topping estimates.Also, it's expecting a solid start to 2019 with growth in revenue per room.

A different story at Activision Blizzard. The company behind Overwatch and other games fell short on revenue and plans to cut 8% of its staff. The CEO says they simply didn't execute as well as they had hoped in 2018, and that the cuts should help them focus on their biggest franchises.

Tesla is rushing to beat the deadline for the U.S. trade talks with China. The company is sending cargo ships loaded with new Model 3s, hoping to get them on Chinese soil before new tariffs may possibly kick in on March 1st. One analyst says Tesla is uniquely exposed to the trade fight in China because they don't currently have any production there.

It looks like General Motors and Amazon may be looking to cut a deal with electric truck maker Rivian. Reuters reports the two companies plan to invest about $1 to $2 billion in the start-up. No word from Amazon on the deal but GM issued a statement saying they admire Rivian's contribution to an all-electric future.

CBS is under fire again. A shareholder suit is accuses several CBS executives of selling millions in CBS shares before sexual-harassment allegations became public. The suit said the timing and amount of the sales demonstrate a motive to commit fraud. CBS and former CEO Leslie Moonves have denied accusations.