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Companies to Watch: J.Jill misses, Pelosi denounces Facebook, Apple plays defense

Here are the companies Yahoo Finance is watching today.

A bad quarter at J.Jill (JILL). The clothing store fell short on earnings and revenue last quarter and same-store sales fell more than 3%. The CEO called the results disappointing and said it is taking immediate action to clear excess inventory and reorient its strategies.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is denouncing Facebook (FB) for not taking down a doctored video that makes it look like she's slurring her words. Pelosi said leaving the video up is wrong, and she called the company "willing enablers" of Russian interference in U.S. elections. Facebook says it's up to viewers to make their own "informed choice" over the video.

Apple (AAPL) is defending its App Store amid an antitrust investigation in Europe. In a blog post, the tech giant wrote that "trust is critical" and that it operates a "fair, competitive store." Spotify has accused Apple of anti-competitive behavior over how it charges content producers who put their apps in the store.

Amazon (AMZN) just unveiled its latest smart display, the Amazon Echo Show 5. The display is taking a privacy-focused approach, adding a shutter for its built-in camera and a feature to delete all audio recordings. Each display comes in black and white and will cost about $90.

The Blackstone Group (BX) is cashing in on its bet on the suburban home rental market. The private equity firm sold more than $1 billion of shares of Invitation Homes, the single-family home landlord it launched after the financial crisis. The share offering comes as rents rise and there continues to be strong demand for Invitation's housing.