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Company Announces Success Of Brian Anderson Media Mash Internet Marketing Automation Software

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2015 / Media Mash, an Atlanta, Georgia-based marketing company, has announced the success of its automation software in the field of internet marketing. The company has made it clear that they believe they are the suppliers of the Best Automation Software for internet marketing in the automotive industry, and provide various services across the country.

As the providers of what Brian Anderson calls the Best Automation Software around for internet marketing, the company prides itself on building reputations for small and large companies alike, and focuses on building brands using tools such as social media, mobile campaigns and other forms of reputation management. To stand apart from competition Media Mash creates and manages mobile systems to increase traffic toward ecommerce platforms and to encourage growth in revenue overall. By monitoring testimonials, negative and positive feedback from clients, they encourage positive reviews for automotive dealerships.

Internet marketer Brian Anderson is one of the bright thinkers behind the Media Mash process, and has quite a resume as can be seen on the company website. Having graduated with a Bachelor in Science degree from Florida State, he then proceeded to achieve an M.B.A. in marketing from Notre Dame. He believes that by employing a small, tight knit group of marketers at Media Mash, the staff can deliver better results for clients. Media Mash has said the following regarding their work on internet marketing:

"Beginning in the days of dial-up.....to the age of broadband mobile internet and smartphone Apps - the internet is still changing constantly! We've changed with it! From 24 year old college students to responsible adults in our 40's - the leadership team at Media Mash has literally grown up with the internet!"

This Marketing Company focuses its strategies predominantly in four areas of marketing, including automotive SEO through advanced placement of keywords and other optimization features, mobile marketing, automotive social media marketing, and pay per click technology. Internet marketer Brian Anderson has said the following regarding the way that some of these services work for their clients:

"If you want attention on the internet, you make your own billboards using SEO techniques and using social sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. And, when you don't have time for social media because you're busy selling cars and running dealerships, you call a digital agency like MediaMash, and we mark your path and build your billboards."

Everything this Marketing Company has to offer can be seen from the Media Mash website at www.mediamash.com. The site includes access to customer pricing, a company blog, information on the team that businesses will be working with, and insight into how the different features can work for automotive companies to build brand awareness and increase traffic and sales. Each form of marketing warrants its own price point starting at $300 per month and leading up to $1000 per month.

For questions or concerns regarding this press release or for more information on Media Mash, please use the following contact information to get in touch:

Company Name: mediamash.com
Contact Name: Brian Anderson
Phone Number: 1-888-297-5870
E-mail Address: brian@mediamash.com
Civic Address: Atlanta, Georgia

SOURCE: mediamash.com