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Compare Extended Warranties: The New Comparison Website Designed to Guide You Through the Process of Buying an Extended Warranty

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2013) - We are proud to announce the launch of the Compare Extended Warranties website. A new site designed to enable customers to compare extended warranties for a wide range of domestic electrical goods from six current extended warranty providers. Further retailers are lined up to join in the near future.

Compare Extended Warranties is a comparison site designed purely to help you compare the vast selection of extended warranty products available and find the best product for your needs. The website is designed solely for the provision of information with transactions taking place through established means.

What is an extended warranty?

When purchasing electrical goods, retailers will often give consumers the chance to extend the length of time the product is guaranteed for beyond the length covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Whilst these warranties offer peace of mind and ease of use Compare Extended Warranties aim to demystify the process of extending the warranty on goods.

Compare Extended Warranties is a free-to-use comparison service. Whether you are looking to compare warranties on cameras, cookers, laptops, or washing machines, Compare Extended Warranties can help. Looking at the full range of warranties available from either direct from the retailer or third parties.

Through a simple, easy to use interface users can filter warranty options by product type, retailers, price, duration and services offered. Further advanced options such as filters for excess, unlimited repairs and helpline support are available on results pages.

For more information, or to compare the extended warranties for a variety of electrical goods, please visit www.compareextendedwarranties.co.uk

About Compare Extended Warranties

Compare Extended Warranties is a website that is run independently from extended warranty providers. It allows customers to compare the prices, features, and benefits of extended warranties from a variety of service providers. The website is continuously maintained by Currys, PC World, and Argos.

All information on the website is supplied by the extended warranty providers. The website managers do not check the accuracy of the information, and are not responsible for and errors in the data they provide.