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Compass Intelligence Announces Winners of the 2015 Mobility Awards, A-List in M2M, Green Technology and Customer & Digital Experience Awards

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - January 07, 2015) - INTERNATIONAL CES - Compass Intelligence, a global market research and consulting firm that redefines market intelligence and consulting, announced the recipients of the 2015 Compass Intelligence Awards at a press luncheon held today at the Las Vegas Convention Center and World Trade Center (LVCC) during the 2015 International CES® trade show in Las Vegas. The 2015 Compass Intelligence Awards were selected by 60+ industry-leading press, editors, and analysts who cover the mobile and wireless market. The Compass Intelligence Awards includes Mobility, A-List in M2M, Bamboo Mobile Green Technology, and Customer & Digital Experience Awards. The Awards recognize the best in mobile computing, wireless data communications, Internet of Things, green technology, digital & customer experience products and services offered in the market during the past year.

"Compass Intelligence is proud to honor and recognize industry leaders that are advancing the mobile industry and innovating to better enable consumers and the enterprise," states Stephanie Atkinson, CEO & Founder, Compass Intelligence. "This esteemed list of awardees represents the future of wireless, M2M, and eco-friendly products and services. The consensus from industry experts makes the Compass Intelligence Awards a true industry recognition for vendors and service providers."

The winners of the 2015 Compass Intelligence Awards are (listed by Category and Subcategory):

  Consumer   Apple iPhone 6
  Industrial, rugged   Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
  Phablets   Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  Smart Watches   Moto 360 (Lenovo)
  Large screen   Apple iPad Air
  Small Screen   Apple iPad Mini
  eBook Readers   Amazon Kindle
  Industrial, rugged   Panasonic Toughbook FZ-G1
  Ultraportables & Ultrabooks (SSD)   Apple MacBook Air (13")
  Convertible/Detachable (11"-13")   Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  Productivity notebooks (14"-15.6")   Apple MacBook Pro
  Large screen (16" or greater)   Lenovo Essential G Series Laptop
  Industrial, rugged   Panasonic Toughbook Series
Technology Innovation    
  Software   EyeVerify Eyeprint Verification
  Hardware   Uber (Ridesharing Service)
Mobile Device Hardware    
  Accessories   Duracell Powermat (DPM) wireless charging
Mobile Software    
  SmartPhone and/or tablet OS   Google Android
  Application Development (Consumer)   Adobe Air
  Mobile Gaming Platforms   Electronic Arts
  Browsers & Enhancements   Google Chrome
  Network Software & Services & Analytics   Ericsson
  Speech-Based Services   Google Voice Search
  Productivity   Office 365 for iOS
Wireless Communications    
  Cellular Network Hardware   Verizon Wireless LTE Network
  Cellular Network Software & Services   Verizon Wireless
  Device & Network Analytics   CarrierIQ
  Wi-Fi   Boingo Wi-Fi service
  Femtocells/Small Cells/Signal Boosters   Airvana's Hubbub Femtocell
  Mobile VoIP   Microsoft Skype
Mobile Apps    
  Testing/Certification   Keynote Platform
Enterprise Mobility    
  Platforms   Qualcomm The 2net Platform and 2net Hub
  Mobile Video Conferencing   Vidyo
  Application Development (Native & Web)   IBM Worklight
  Mobile Device Management (MDM)   AirWatch by VMware MDM
  Mobile App Management (MAM)   AirWatch by VMware MAM
  Mobile Content Management (MCM)   Dropbox
  Integrated Mobile Management (Suite)   AirWatch By VMware EMM Suite
Messaging & Alerts    
  Alerting Services   Google Alerts
  Integrated Messaging   WhatsApp
Mobile Services    
  On-Device   AirWatch by VMware
  Biometrics   EyeVerify Eyeprint Verification
  Content Delivery   Flipboard
  File sharing (Cloud)   Box
  Location Based Services   Google Maps / Navigation
  Social Networking   Twitter
  Prevent Texting While Driving   Safely Go by Location Labs
  Streaming music   Pandora Internet Radio
  Mobile Video Services   Microsoft Skype
  Mobile Search   Google
  Customer Care   Nuance Mobile Customer Service
Mobile Marketing    
  Mobile Couponing   Scanbuy
  Mobile Marketing Platforms   Phunware MaaS
  Mobile Advertising   Google AdMob
  Mobile Ad Networks   Opera MediaWorks
  Mobile Ad & App Analytics   Flurry by Yahoo
  Near Field Comms (NFC)   Samsung NFC
Mobile Commerce    
  Mobile Purchase of Digital   Assets   Boku
  Mobile Cash Transfer   SAP mCommerce
  Mobile Payments   PayPal
  Integrated Mobile Commerce   Ericsson Wallet Platform
  Mobile Banking and Payments   SAP mBanking Solutions
Rookie of the Year   SmartThings (A Samsung Electronics Company)
M&A Transaction   Microsoft acquires Nokia
Enterprise Product Innovation of the Year
  Atheer Labs
A-List M2M Company of Excellence    
  M2M Cellular Service Provider of the Year   AT&T
  M2M Satellite Service Provider of the Year   Orbcomm
  M2M IoT Enabler Company of the Year   Numerex
  M2M Semiconductor / Module Company of the Year   ARM
  M2M Sensor Company of the Year   GE
  M2M Enabling Technology of the Year   ThingWorx, A PTC Business
  M2M Emerging Company of the Year   Camgian Microsystems
  M2M Embedded Hardware Company of the Year   Sierra Wireless
  M2M App Development / Enablement Platform of the Year   ThingWorx, a PTC Business
  M2M OSS BSS Platform of the Year   Jasper Wireless
  M2M Enterprise Software Company of the Year   SAP
  M2M Large System Integrator Company of the Year   IBM
  M2M Network Equipment / Technology Company of the Year   Ericsson
  M2M Project/Deployment of the Year   AT&T-GM
  M2M Innovative Product / Solution of the Year   AT&T (for OnAsset Implementation)
  M2M Security Platform of the Year   Numerex
  Gateways for Branch Offices, Fast Food, Casual Dining, etc.   Cradlepoint
  M2M Battery Technology/Product of the Year   Panasonic
  M2M Enabling /company of the Year   Axeda
A-List IoT Company of Excellence    
  Connected Home Device of the Year   Nest Labs (a Google Company)
  Connected Home Company of the Year   Google
  Connected Home Retail Outlet of the Year   Amazon
  Connected Home Platform of the Year   Revolv (a Google Nest Company)
  Connected Car Device of the Year   Delphi Connect
  Connected Car Platform of the Year   Ericsson
  Consumer Wellness Product of the Year   Fitbit
  Personal Emergency Response Company of the Year   Philips Lifeline
  IoT Emerging Company of the Year   SenseIoT
  IoT Innovative Product of the Year   Camgian Microsystems
  Most Connected Device Platform   wot.io
  Connected Vehicle of the Year   Audi A3
  Smart Appliance of the Year   Samsung
  Consumer Mobile Recycling/Buyback Program (In-store)   ecoATM
  Consumer Mobile Recycling/Buyback Program (Online)   Best Buy
  Consumer Mobile Recycling/Buyback Program (Overall)   Best Buy
  Business Mobile Recycling/Buyback Program (Overall)     Arrow Value Recovery
  Recycling/Buyback Support   Vendor           HYLA Mobile
  Most Eco-Focused Carrier              Sprint
  Best Green Designed Device/Product      Apple
  Eco/Green Innovator   HYLA Mobile
  Top Wireless Business Experience Award (Carrier)   AT&T
  Top Wireless Consumer Experience Award (Carrier)   AT&T
  Top Creative Digital Experience Award   Samsung Mobile 
  Best Purchasing Experience for Business Users   Verizon Wireless
  Best Purchasing Experience for Consumers   T-Mobile
  Top Customer & Digital Experience Platform   Samsung Knox

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