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Complete List Of New 2012 ETFs

Carolyn Pairitz

With 2012 nearly in the books, the ETF industry has wrapped up yet another year of impressive product development and innovation. More than 165 exchange-traded products debuted this year, beginning in early January with a focus on volatility, and ending with a number of dividend-focused funds in December. While that’s not quite a record — more than 200 new ETFs began trading in 2011 — it represents a significant expansion to he ETF industry. For those looking to take a look at all of the new additions to the ETF lineup, below is a complete list of all new ETPs that began trading in 2012, sorted by asset class:

Equity ETFs

Equity ETF launches dominated the space on the year, as investors now have hundreds of new options to choose from:

Name Ticker ETFdb Category Inception Date
Pring Turner Business Cycle ETF DBIZ All Cap Equity 12/19/2012
FlexShares Quality Dividend Dynamic Index Fund QDYN All Cap Equity 12/21/2012
FlexShares Quality Dividend Defensive Index Fund QDEF All Cap Equity 12/20/2012
FlexShares Quality Dividend Index Fund QDF All Cap Equity 12/19/2012
PureFunds ISE Diamond/Gemstone ETF GEMS Commodity Producers Equities 11/29/2012
PureFunds ISE Mining Services ETF MSXX Commodity Producers Equities 11/29/2012
PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF SILJ Commodity Producers Equities 11/29/2012
Rogers Enhanced Commodity ETN RGRC Commodities 11/15/2012
SPDR S&P 1500 Momentum Tilt ETF MMTM All Cap Equities 10/24/2012
SPDR S&P 1500 Value Tilt ETF VLU All Cap Equities 10/24/2012
Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF IEMG Emerging Markets Equities 10/23/2012
Core MSCI EAFE ETF IEFA Foreign Large Cap Equities 10/23/2012
Core MSCI Total International Stock ETF IXUS Global Equities 10/23/2012
S&P 500 High Dividend Portfolio SPHD Large Cap Value Equities 10/18/2012
Emerging Markets Core ETF EMCR Emerging Markets Equities 10/16/2012
The Barclays ETN + Shiller CAPE ETN CAPE Large Cap Blend Equities 10/12/2012
Morningstar Emerging Markets Factor Tilt Index Fund TLTE Emerging Markets Equities 9/28/2012
Morningstar Developed Markets ex-US Factor Tilt Index Fund TLTD Foreign Large Cap Equities 9/28/2012
China Dividend ex-Financials ETF CHXF China Equities 9/19/2012
MSCI Frontier 100 Index Fund FM Emerging Markets Equities 9/12/2012
US Large Cap Alternator ETN ALTL Large Cap Blend Equities 9/6/2012
CBOE S&P 500 VIX Tail Hedge Fund VIXH Large Cap Blend Equities 8/30/2012
Beyond BRICs ETF BBRC Emerging Markets Equities 8/15/2012
Emerging Markets Domestic Demand ETF EMDD Emerging Markets Equities 8/15/2012
NASDAQ Technology Dividend Index Fund TDIV Technology Equities 8/14/2012
U.S. Equity Rotation Strategy ETF HUSE All Cap Equities 7/23/2012
DWA SmallCap Technical Leaders Portfolio DWAS Small Cap Blend Equities 7/19/2012
ETRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN AMU MLPs 7/17/2012
UltraPro Financials FINU Leveraged Equities 7/12/2012
UltraPro Short Financials FINZ Leveraged Equities 7/12/2012
Sector Dividend Dogs ETF SDOG Large Cap Value Equities 6/29/2012
North American Energy Infrastructure Fund EMLP MLPs 6/21/2012
EcoLogical Strategy ETF HECO All Cap Equities 6/20/2012
Sustainable North American Oil Sands ETF SNDS Energy Equities 6/12/2012
STREAM S&P Dynamic Roll Global Commodities Fund BNPC Commodities 6/4/2012
Top Guru Holdings Index ETF GURU Global Equities 6/4/2012
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Dow Jones Select Dividend Index ETN DVYL Leveraged Equities 5/23/2012
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged S&P Dividend ETN SDYL Leveraged Equities 5/23/2012
DJ-UBS Commodity Index 2-4-6 Blended Futures ETN BLND Commodities 4/26/2012
Market Vectors Wide Moat Research ETF MOAT All Cap Equities 4/25/2012
China Trendpilot ETN TCHI China Equities 4/19/2012
MLP ETF MLPA MLPs 4/19/2012
Market Vectors Indonesia Small-Cap ETF IDXJ Emerging Markets Equities 3/21/2012
NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index Shares QQQE Large Cap Growth Equities 3/21/2012
Yorkville High Income MLP ETF YMLP MLPs 3/13/2012
SPDR MSCI EM 50 ETF EMFT Emerging Markets Equities 2/28/2012
SPDR MSCI ACWI IMI ETF ACIM Global Equities 2/28/2012
S&P Emerging Markets High Beta Portfolio EEHB Emerging Markets Equities 2/24/2012
S&P International Developed High Beta Portfolio IDHB Foreign Large Cap Equities 2/24/2012
Asia/Pacific Dividend 30 Index Fund DVYA Asia Pacific Equities 2/23/2012
Emerging Markets Dividend Index Fund DVYE Emerging Markets Equities 2/23/2012
Emerging Markets Small Cap AlphaDEX Fund FEMS Emerging Markets Equities 2/16/2012
Developed Markets ex-US Small Cap AlphaDEX Fund FDTS Foreign Small & Mid Cap Equities 2/16/2012
Australia AlphaDEX Fund FAUS Asia Pacific Equities 2/15/2012
Hong Kong AlphaDEX Fund FHK Asia Pacific Equities 2/15/2012
Taiwan AlphaDEX Fund FTW Asia Pacific Equities 2/15/2012
Market Vectors Unconventional Oil & Gas ETF FRAK Energy Equities 2/15/2012
Germany AlphaDEX Fund FGM Europe Equities 2/15/2012
United Kingdom AlphaDEX Fund FKU Europe Equities 2/15/2012
Switzerland AlphaDEX Fund FSZ Europe Equities 2/15/2012
Canada AlphaDEX Fund FCAN Foreign Large Cap Equities 2/15/2012
MSCI Emerging Markets Consumer Discretionary Sector Fund EMDI Consumer Discretionary Equities 2/8/2012
MSCI Emerging Markets Growth Index Fund EGRW Emerging Markets Equities 2/8/2012
MSCI Emerging Markets Value Index Fund EVAL Emerging Markets Equities 2/8/2012
MSCI India Small Cap Index Fund SMIN Emerging Markets Equities 2/8/2012
MSCI Emerging Markets Energy Sector Capped Index Fund EMEY Energy Equities 2/8/2012
MSCI All Country Asia Information Technology Index Fund AAIT Technology Equities 2/8/2012
MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Small Cap Index Fund AXJS Asia Pacific Equities 2/2/2012
MSCI India Index Fund INDA Emerging Markets Equities 2/2/2012
MSCI Global Select Metals & Mining Producers Fund PICK Commodity Producers Equities 1/31/2012
MSCI Global Gold Miners Fund RING Commodity Producers Equities 1/31/2012
MSCI Global Silver Miners Fund SLVP Commodity Producers Equities 1/31/2012
MSCI Global Agriculture Producers Fund VEGI Commodity Producers Equities 1/31/2012
MSCI Global Energy Producers Fund FILL Energy Equities 1/31/2012
MSCI Australia Small Cap Index Fund EWAS Asia Pacific Equities 1/26/2012
MSCI Finland Capped Investable Market Index Fund EFNL Europe Equities 1/26/2012
MSCI Germany Small Cap Index Fund EWGS Europe Equities 1/26/2012
MSCI United Kingdom Small Cap Index Fund EWUS Europe Equities 1/26/2012
MSCI Canada Small Cap Index Fund EWCS Foreign Small & Mid Cap Equities 1/26/2012
Accuvest Global Opportunities ETF ACCU Global Equities 1/26/2012
MSCI Denmark Capped Investable Market Index Fund EDEN Europe Equities 1/25/2012
MSCI Norway Capped Investable Market Index Fund ENOR Europe Equities 1/24/2012
MSCI Emerging Markets EMEA Index Fund EEME Emerging Markets Equities 1/18/2012
MSCI Emerging Markets Latin America Index Fund EEML Latin America Equities 1/18/2012
S&P Emerging Markets Low Volatility Portfolio EELV Emerging Markets Equities 1/13/2012
S&P International Developed Low Volatility Portfolio IDLV Foreign Large Cap Equities 1/13/2012
MSCI Singapore Small Cap Index Fund EWSS Asia Pacific Equities 1/12/2012
SPDR S&P Small Cap Emerging Asia Pacific ETF GMFS Asia Pacific Equities 1/12/2012
MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index Fund EWHS China Equities 1/12/2012
MSCI World Index Fund URTH Global Equities 1/12/2012
Direxion S&P 1500 RC Volatility Response Shares VSPR All Cap Equities 1/11/2012
Direxion S&P 500 RC Volatility Response Shares VSPY Large Cap Blend Equities 1/11/2012
Direxion S&P Latin America 40 RC Volatility Response Shares VLAT Latin America Equities 1/11/2012

Bond ETFs

The fixed income space did well to reach outside of U.S. borders this year as investors can gain access to the debts of some of their favorite international markets:

Name Ticker ETFdb Category Inception Date
Pyxis/iBoxx Senior Loan ETF SNLN High Yield Bonds 11/7/2012
Core Short-Term U.S. Bond ETF ISTB Total Bond Market 10/23/2012
Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities Index Fund VTIP Inflation-Protected Bonds 10/16/2012
Ready Access Variable Income Fund RAVI Money Market 10/11/2012
Market Vectors Preferred Securities ex Financials ETF PFXF Preferred Stock/Convertible Bonds 7/17/2012
SuperIncome Preferred ETF SPFF Preferred Stock/Convertible Bonds 7/17/2012
SPDR BofA Merrill Lynch Emerging Markets Corporate Bond ETF EMCD Emerging Markets Bonds 6/18/2012
SPDR BofA Merrill Lynch Crossover Corporate Bond ETF XOVR High Yield Bonds 6/18/2012
USD Covered Bond COBO Mortgage Backed Securities 5/23/2012
Market Vectors Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF HYEM High Yield Bonds 5/9/2012
Global Advantage Inflation-Linked Bond Strategy Fund ILB Inflation-Protected Bonds 5/1/2012
Baa-Ba Rated Corporate Bond Fund QLTB High Yield Bonds 4/26/2012
B-Ca Rated Corporate Bond Fund QLTC High Yield Bonds 4/26/2012
BulletShares 2016 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF BSJG High Yield Bonds 4/25/2012
BulletShares 2017 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF BSJH High Yield Bonds 4/25/2012
BulletShares 2018 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF BSJI High Yield Bonds 4/25/2012
Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund CEMB Emerging Markets Bonds 4/19/2012
Market Vectors Fallen Angel ETF ANGL High Yield Bonds 4/11/2012
Global High Yield Corporate Bond Fund GHYG High Yield Bonds 4/5/2012
Emerging Markets High Yield Bond Fund EMHY High Yield Bonds 4/3/2012
Global ex USD High Yield Corporate Bond Fund HYXU High Yield Bonds 4/3/2012
Market Vectors International High Yield Bond ETF IHY High Yield Bonds 4/3/2012
BulletShares 2018 Corporate Bond ETF BSCI Corporate Bonds 3/28/2012
BulletShares 2019 Corporate Bond ETF BSCJ Corporate Bonds 3/28/2012
BulletShares 2020 Corporate Bond ETF BSCK Corporate Bonds 3/28/2012
UltraPro Short 20+ Year Treasury TTT Leveraged Bonds 3/27/2012
SPDR Barclays Capital Short Term High Yield Bond ETF SJNK High Yield Bonds 3/15/2012
Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund EMCB Emerging Markets Bonds 3/8/2012
Total Return Exchange-Traded Fund BOND Total Bond Market 3/1/2012
Utilities Sector Bond Fund AMPS Corporate Bonds 2/16/2012
Industrials Sector Bond Fund ENGN Corporate Bonds 2/16/2012
Financials Sector Bond Fund MONY Corporate Bonds 2/16/2012
Aaa – A Rated Corporate Bond Fund QLTA Corporate Bonds 2/16/2012
Barclays U.S. Treasury Bond Fund GOVT Government Bonds 2/16/2012
Barclays CMBS Bond Fund CMBS Mortgage Backed Securities 2/16/2012
Barclays GNMA Bond Fund GNMA Mortgage Backed Securities 2/16/2012
German Sovereign/Sub-Sovereign ETF GGOV International Government Bonds 1/26/2012

Commodity ETFs

The commodity space was far less eventful than last year, but did produce a number of interesting funds:

Name Ticker ETFdb Category Inception Date
Rogers Enhanced Agriculture ETN RGRA Agricultural Commodities 11/15/2012
Rogers Enhanced Industrial Metals ETN RGRI Metals 11/15/2012
Rogers Enhanced Energy ETN RGRE Oil & Gas 11/15/2012
Rogers Enhanced Precious Metals ETN RGRP Precious Metals 11/15/2012
Short Euro EUFX Currency 6/26/2012
United States Metals Index Fund USMI Metals 6/19/2012
United States Agriculture Index Fund USAG Agricultural Commodities 4/13/2012
Agricultural Fund TAGS Agricultural Commodities 3/28/2012
3x Inverse Natural Gas ETN DGAZ Leveraged Commodities 2/8/2012
3x Inverse Brent Crude ETN DOIL Leveraged Commodities 2/8/2012
3x Inverse Crude ETN DWTI Leveraged Commodities 2/8/2012
2x Long Copper ETN LCPR Leveraged Commodities 2/8/2012
2x Inverse Copper ETN SCPR Leveraged Commodities 2/8/2012
3x Long Natural Gas ETN UGAZ Leveraged Commodities 2/8/2012
3x Long Brent Crude ETN UOIL Leveraged Commodities 2/8/2012
3x Long Crude ETN UWTI Leveraged Commodities 2/8/2012

Alternative ETFs

This year saw a number of alternative launches, many of which brought one-of-a-kind strategies to the market:

Name Ticker ETFdb Category Inception Date
PowerShares S&P 500 Downside Hedged Fund PHDG Volatility 12/6/2012
IQ Hedge Market Neutral Tracker ETF QMN Hedge Fund 10/4/2012
STAR Global Buy-Write ETF VEGA Long-Short 9/17/2012
QAM Equity Hedge ETF QEH Hedge Fund 8/8/2012
AlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETF ALFA Hedge Fund 5/31/2012
SPDR Multi-Asset Real Return ETF RLY Hedge Fund 4/26/2012
UltraPro Short 10 Year TIPS/TSY Spread SINF Long-Short 2/8/2012
UltraPro 10 Year TIPS/TSY Spread UINF Long-Short 2/8/2012
Short 30 Year TIPS/TSY Spread FINF Long-Short 1/12/2012
30 Year TIPS/TSY Spread RINF Long-Short 1/12/2012
Rockledge SectorSAM ETF SSAM Long-Short 1/11/2012

Currency ETFs

Though the currency space was relatively inactive, investors can now gain access to the Australian dollar via ETPs:

Name Ticker ETFdb Category Inception Date
UltraShort Australian Dollar CROC Leveraged Currency 7/19/2012
Ultra Australian Dollar GDAY Leveraged Currency 7/19/2012

Multi-Asset ETFs

These launches cover some of the more interesting plays in the ETF space:

Name Ticker ETFdb Category Inception Date
Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index Fund MDIV Diversified Portfolio 8/14/2012
Global Alpha & Beta ETF RRGR Diversified Portfolio 7/10/2012
Global Echo ETF GIVE Diversified Portfolio 5/24/2012
Dow Jones Global Yield ETF GYLD Diversified Portfolio 5/8/2012
SPDR Global Allocation ETF GAL Diversified Portfolio 4/26/2012
SPDR Income Allocation ETF INKM Diversified Portfolio 4/26/2012
Morningstar Multi-Asset Income Index Fund IYLD Diversified Portfolio 4/5/2012
Permanent ETF PERM Diversified Portfolio 2/7/2012

Real Estate ETFs

Real estate is typically inactive to begin with, so two new launches on the year is par for the course:

Name Ticker ETFdb Category Inception Date
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Mortgage REIT ETN MORL Leveraged Real Estate 10/17/2012
ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Dow Jones International Real Estate ETN RWXL Leveraged Real Estate 3/20/2012

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